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I used old black-out curtains to make a TV cover so the sun doesn't shine directly onto it when the blinds are open. This is going to come off snarky, but not intended to be, anything you can make from fabric. I've made costumes, quilts, device holders, all sizes of bag, coin purses, dolls. It depends on the fabric.

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Choose your old curtains with interesting patterns or colors and cut them to the desired length. Use craft glue or a sewing machine to secure the edges neatly and attach the valance above your window with a curtain rod. Add ribbon or trim for an extra decorative flair.

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The real question is actually: What can't I do with second-hand curtains? Old drapes can be used to make amazing and useful home decor projects such as sofa covers, new cushions, wallpaper, shopper bags, bedspreads, headboards, and more. 15 Alternative Uses for Old Curtains Around the Home, But Not on the Windows

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Instead, put your old curtains to good use in the kitchen. With a little cutting and sewing, you can create the perfect wrap-around apron to wear over a pair of pants. The look is especially on-point if the curtains have a floral or patterned design. If you really want to get creative, you can even sew on a pocket or two from the excess fabric.

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06.21.18 Many people choose their bedsheets and curtains with care. They put time and effort into selecting the right fit for their home, so when it is time to replace these items it is natural to not want to throw them away. Instead of getting rid of your old fabrics, upcycle them.

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Linen Patchwork Curtain. More curtain inspiration, but a patchwork one this time. I really love how she took the time to piece these together. Perfect for a cottage look. >>> 4. Vintage Pillowcase Apron. Ya' know I love aprons and here's a tutorial for a layered linen apron. >>> 5. Envelope Pouches from Vintage Linens

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1. Cut them up and use them as rags for cleaning 2. Use them as drop cloths when painting 3. Make a quilt out of them 4. Sew them into a new set of curtains 5. Use them as wall hangings 6. Donate them to a thrift store There are a few different things you can do with old curtains.

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Repurposing Old Curtains If you have old curtains that are no longer serving their original purpose, don't throw them away just yet! There are plenty of creative ways to repurpose them and give them a new life. Here are some ideas to get you started:

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If they're still in good condition, you could try passing them on - ask on Freecycle/Freegle or ask a charity shop if they'll take them (a charity shop with a lot of furniture or a furniture specific charity would probably be best, if there is one near you).

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Donate or Give Away to Charity One of the most impactful ways to repurpose your old curtains is by donating them to charity or giving them away to those in need. Organizations such as homeless shelters, women's shelters, and community centers often accept donations of clothing and household items, including curtains.

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It's in the kitchen. With the decision made, I ironed the panels and then stitched that trim on. Once they were up, the room warmed up nicely. I didn't notice the fading at all. And my family room became a whole lot more interesting. Of course, I did steal a few pillows from other rooms in the house.

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1. Turn them into a decorative shower curtain. Getting rid of your grommet-topped curtains? Turn them into a decorative shower instead. All you have to do is attach the grommet-tops to the shower curtain rod and you're set. Some light sewing may be required if your curtains are too long—but overall this is an easy way to repurpose your old.

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What to do with old curtains? The old curtain comes with plenty of fabric that can be thought smartly in several ways to serve again at home! These ideas will really help you to create something mind-blowing out of your old curtains without spending a lot of time or money!

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Make Superhero Capes. Halloween is coming up, but there's no need to buy a superhero cape in a costume store. Break out the fabric scissors and cut your old window panel down to the desired size, then tie it loosely around the neck or use safety pins to attach it to a coat or shirt. 4. DIY Fabric Garland.

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1. DIY Bed Canopy 2. Easy New Table Runner 3. Apron From Old Curtains 4. Lovely Homemade Cloth Napkins 5. DIY Draft Stopper 6. Decorative Fabric Garland 7. Easy DIY Curtain Market Bag 8. Cute And Fun Kids' Fort 9. DIY Curtain Turned Artwork 10. Colorful And Easy DIY Closet Doors 11. Handmade Pillow Covers From Curtain Panels 12.

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Drain the water from the sink, and gently press the excess water of the curtains without rinsing them. Then, hang the curtains in your shower to dry until they are ready to hang again. You may need to press or steam your curtains once they are dry to remove any wrinkles.