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Hold up a card to each student 1 by 1. They have to make a sentence using a past tense verb. If correct, they keep the card and get a point. If incorrect, move onto the next student and they can try. For example, there's a picture of a bus. The student would have to say, "I rode the bus yesterday.".

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Level: GRADE 8. Language: English (en) ID: 1314309. 26/08/2021. Country code: CO. Country: Colombia. School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) (1061958) Main content: Past simple (2013235) IN THIS PRACTICAL TALKING EXERCISE YOU WILL FIND A PERSON'S ROUTINE ON THE WEEKEND, AFTER READING IT AND IDENTIFYING THE DIFFERENT SIMPLE PAST.

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PAST SIMPLE SPEAKING ACTIVITY. Students ask and answer questions using the past simple verb tense. They cooperate to get information and complete a final task. Teacher divides the class in groups of four. Each student has to complete a sheet and then they share the information to finish the final sheet.

**SPEAKING PROMPTS** PAST simple/continuous practice 32 cards FUN CONVERSATION ACTIVITY

Permalink. Hi yyyyyyyy7, "When" + past simple action 1 + past simple action 2 shows actions that are connected in the sense that action 1 leads smoothly into action 2. Action 2 follows very shortly after action 1. The focus of the sentence is on both actions. When I closed my eyes, I fell asleep.

**SPEAKING PROMPTS** PAST simple/continuous practice 32 cards FUN CONVERSATION ACTIVITY

This is an exercise to help students understand, practice or review the past tense endings and the different kinds of pronunciation for the "ed" endings of verbs with different spellings. Students sort the verbs into the appropriate column. Students then write some sentences which they can be asked to say out loud.

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Past simple speaking pictures Download. Students place the cards face down on their desks and then they draw three random cards. They turn their cards and they have to use all three cards and make a story in the past simple tense. They should say it in English. Once they feel that their story is OK, they put the three cards face up somewhere on.

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Use the handy set of 50 Verb Cards to practise making past tense stories. If you're teaching online you can use this random verb generator []. Optional first step - Give small groups of students a set of the verb cards and ask them to write the past tense form of each verb on the back of the card. Monitor the groups during this.

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Complete the sentences with the simple past of the verbs in brackets. William (visit) his grandparents last weekend. regular verb → add ed. Jane (arrive) an hour ago. regular verb that ends in e → add a d. We (go) to Bob's birthday party yesterday. irregular verb, 2nd verb form (go- went -gone)

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The more boxes you include, the more speaking your students will have to do. In each box, write the ending for the sentence "Find someone who…". Come up with items that would make good yes/no questions. For example: The design is simple, and it will not take much time to create your own. brushed their teeth last night.

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Download. Grammar & Writing. Past Simple. Answer your friend on facebook. Remember to use past tense in your answer. Choose either the woman's face version on Page 1 - or the man's face on Page 2 (or use both). Level: Elementary (CEFR A1 to A2) Time: Approx 10 - 15 minutes. FREE.


AIMS: The major aim of this exercise is to talk about past activities. • to practice Past Simple Tense • to illustrate past activities • to practise informal conversation • to increase vocabulary of verbsCONTEXT:Tell your students they c. 229 uses. A selection of English ESL past simple speaking printables.

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ESL Past Simple Affirmative and Negative Worksheet - Grammar Exercises: Matching, Categorizing, Gap-fill, Rewriting Sentences - Elementary (A1-A2) - 35 minutes. This insightful past simple worksheet helps students to learn and practice regular and irregular verbs in past simple affirmative and negative sentences.


Final Idea: The speaking skills activity would be: 1) associating 41 'keywords' with the four main tenses in past and present. 2) practicing in first person. 3) practicing in affirmative. 4) practicing using only one verb 'to do it'. 5) timing students as they go through the 41 flash-cards.

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PAST SIMPLE - Speaking cards. HappyNN. 34881. 334. 378. 0. 1/1. Let's do English ESL discussion starters, speaking cards. A set of cards to practice wh-questions in the Past Simple Tense for your students.

PAST SIMPLE Speaking cards discuss… English ESL worksheets pdf & doc

Simple Past Tense Exercises 1A. Simple Past Tense Exercises 1B. A. Complete the sentences, put the verb into the correct form, positive or negative. (simple past tense) 1. It was warm, so I off my coat. (take) 2. The film wasn't very good. I it very much. (enjoy) 3.

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Past-simple-speaking-tables Download. Hand out the worksheets. Then elicit the language the students will need. It is a good idea to write the questions on the board. Remember to elicit the answers too. You want your students to answer in full sentences using the past simple tense.