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Red Hood (Jason Todd) x Reader. The streets of Gotham were not something to take lightly, you never knew what could happen. Whether it be robbed, kidnapped, raped or murdered; Gotham was no paradise. The crime rate is unbelievable here. You could never be too careful when walking around these part, especially when night falls.

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15 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 Hood xx: Jason Todd by Yanna 4.2K 58 8 Compilation of headcanons and imagines of the RedHood. Prompt ideas are always open for consideration + inspiration. xreader jason red-hood +21 more # 2 Cute Little Family - Jason Todd x. by 💐 Remember to Love 💐 88.8K 1.9K 5

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Platonic Yandere Batfamily x Reader that has hallucinations about their family. Pairings: Platonic!Bruce Wayne x Reader, Platonic!Jason Todd x Reader, Platonic! Damian Wayne x Reader, Platonic!Tim Drake x Reader. Warnings: Yandere behavior, hallucinations, manipulation, kidnapping. Jason understands the feeling of being abandoned and betrayed.

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Nonetheless, Jason had enough to take you out for the day. Shortly after you dropped your ice cream off at your house, you packed up a little, ate out, and spent some of the day together at a nearby park. When it got darker, though, Jason had the bright idea of hitting a bar. There was nothing wrong with the bar.

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Jason Todd & Reader Batfamily Members & Jason Todd Characters: Jason Todd Red Hood Language: English Stats: Published: 2020-04-17 Words: 1,838 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 6 Kudos: 275 Bookmarks: 23 Hits: 3,915 Senses / Jason Todd x Reader thorsthot

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Here he is, face bright pink with the heart of a sixteen year old boy in a man's body, falling in love for the first time. And you're asleep. You've turned his whole world upside down, and made a mess of his mind—and now you're getting the best sleep of your life using his chest as your personal pillow.

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Jason scoffed at his friend's statement, wishing that Roy could see him rolling his eyes under his hood. They were staking out a warehouse where an arms deal was supposed to occur. But nothing eventful was happening, leading to a slow night filled with Roy's babble. "Huh, says the guy who passes out by 8 during our days off.".

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… 74 75 Next → Reviving Love by ToTheStars8 Red Hood and the Outlaws (Comics) 21 Dec 2023 Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Jason Todd/Reader Dick Grayson Jason Todd Bruce Wayne Alfred Pennyworth Red Hood Nightwing Damian Wayne Tim Drake Batman Diana Prince Stephanie Brown Barbara Gordon Cassandra Cain Reader Jason Todd-centric

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111 Stories Sort by: Hot # 1 Jason Todd x Fem!Reader [One Shots] by iwa is my hubby 108K 1.9K 14 lol holy shit, i haven't updated this in 2 years whOops 💁♀️ jasontodd jasontoddxreader oneshots +11 more # 2 Adore You (Discontinued) by Thanks but no tanks 81.8K 2.3K 20 "My name is Jason." "I don't care."

DC Comics Imagines • The Right Thing Jason Todd x Reader

Jason Todd x Reader : City Night Lights : Part 3. Title: City Night Lights Word Count: 1091 Pairing: Red Hood // Jason Todd x Reader Rating: Violence // Mild Cussing Once I get home, I drop all the groceries in fear, "N-no.." I say the word caught in my throat, "W-what happened.." Everything in my mom and I's apartment is tarnished.

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Characters: Jason Todd X Little Brother!Reader Warnings: Mention of abusive/unstable family Request: jason todd x little brother reader? he's his brother biologically, kept away from bruce & the rest of the Wayne's by Jason until they find him one day when visiting Jay so Jason decided to introduce him to the rest of the batfamily?

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Jason Todd x reader one shots Romance Basically you and Jason Todd in various stories getting together or breaking up , ect. I'll take requests. # jason # redhood # todd Cheater!Jasontodd x reader 15.5K 236 by BunnyhuntyBoo (Y/n) pov

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Jason Todd X Reader | Quotev Stories People Fiction Fanfiction Tests + Featured Quizzes & Stories Fire [ jason todd ] 2 pages Completed May 14, 2022 cigarette DCU | Jason Todd Reader | Fanfiction X Reader He lit up his cigarette and took a long drag. jason todd oneshot. Love So Strong, It Makes Me Feel So Weak 3 pages 3 weeks ago Just a lil'guy

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Jason Todd x Reader - Jealous lemon 😏 Jason's POV.. There's nothing I love more than watching (y/n) sleep. She's so peaceful. So cute when she dreams. Wait.. what is she saying.. "Dick.." Did she just say Dick? Maybe I heard her wrong. "Dick.. don't.. stop.." NOPE I heard right. She's moaning now.

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Jason Todd/Reader Jason Todd Dick Grayson Reader death mention Canon-Typical Violence Swearing There's a new vigilante in town. Jason begins to take a liking to them. Language: English Words: 1,186 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 19 Hits: 104 A Crow in a City of Bats by AVeryBoredOtaku

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Baby Fever: Jason Todd x Fem!Reader Summary: You find out you're pregnant, and try to find a way to break it to everyone. Unfortunately, it doesn't go as planned. Rating: G Warnings: Swearing, pregnancy. But fluffy!! A/N: Here's something a little different! It's one of my favorites!!!!