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A Blue Brindle Pitbull combines brindle stripes with a stunning blue-gray coat.

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As for the Blue Brindle Pitbull, it's believed the brindle pattern, also known as a tiger-striped pattern, was first seen in the 19 th century and was a result of breeding a fawn pit bull and a brown dog. Over time, other brindle colors became popular, such as the blue brindle, red brindle, blue-fawn brindle, and others.

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Blue nose pitbulls are a type of American pitbull terrier with bluish-gray fur. One of the most well-known blue nose pitbulls is Junior Millan, famous not only for his "white socks," but also for belonging to renowned Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan.

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This is when the tiger stripes that are usually tan-colored stand out over the basic black coat and are darkened by the black.. For example, a solid blue Pitbull with a fairly dark muzzle usually won't allow the blue mask to be noticeable. On the other hand, a blue fawn Pit with just a blue tint and a light fawn color will allow the color.

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The Brindle Pitbull is a type of Pitbull dog with a special coat that looks tiger-like. Brindle is not a coat color, but rather a coat pattern made of two colors which create stripes. Their base coat is usually a lighter color like fawn, though it can be blue or red too.

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The pattern can be crisscrossed or run vertically down their sides, so some dog owners refer to them as tiger stripes. 3. Red Pitbull A portrait of a Red Pitbull puppy with blue eyes. Red-coated Pitbulls can command a high price due to their rarity. These dogs have a deep russet color and have amber eyes, red toenails, as well as a reddish nose.

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The brindle Pitbull's coat is usually brown, leaning to black, with deeper tiger-like stripes. Black brindle pitbulls possess light bases with moiré patterns. Sometimes its belly hair is white.. Blue Pitbulls and Blue Nose Pitbulls are almost indistinguishable from one another for the most part due to the fact that the majority of blue.

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Also known as the Blue Nose Pitbull, the Blue Pitbull is not really a blue color. Instead, this dog is a light grey color with a light grey nose. They will sometimes have white face markings in between their eyes and down their muzzle. They normally have white chests and will have other white markings as well.

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The Tiger Stripe Pit Bull is mainly bred as a companion dog. Sweet, playful, and loving, it is an outgoing and friendly dog with everyone it meets, and it is only naturally aggressive toward other dogs. Muscular and powerful in physique, this is a dog that needs plenty of exercise and training from its owners.

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TORONTO - A Toronto-area family is in disbelief after their 12-month-old puppy escaped from their home and was found by animal services—who now won't give the dog back because it may be a pit bull.

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We may describe the blue brindle Pitbull as a dog whose coat color is blue, and which also happens to have the brindle (tiger stripe) pattern. The dog may be an American Pit Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or any other Pitbull-type canine. So it is firstly a Pitbull-type dog.

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Pitbull (Pit Bull) is a blanket term used to describe bull breed types of dogs. To the surprise of many people, it is not a purebred dog breed. And because of that, Pitbull dogs are adorned in a large variety of beautiful coats, colors, and patterns.

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A blue-eyed Pitbull is a rare Pitbull variety that is notable for its unusual eye color. They are more prone to many congenital disorders and eye diseases than their brown and hazel-eyed cousins due to their genetic makeup. It is essential to differentiate these adult blue-eyed Pitbulls from newborn pups who have the same eye characteristic.

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Sara Jabakhanji is a general assignment reporter with CBC News in Toronto. You can reach her at [email protected]. A dog that made headlines after being picked up by animal services in early.