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11 Affiliations Team Tennyson (occasionally) Forever Knight (formerly) Xingo (formerly) Zombozo (formerly) LaGrange (formerly) Weatherheads (formerly) Vin Ethanol (formerly) Anthony Roachisano (formerly) Charmcaster (formerly) Steam Smythe (formerly) Billy Billions (formerly) Simon Sez (formerly) Aloysius Animo (formerly)

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Kevin 11: Directed by Scooter Tidwell. With Tara Strong, Meagan Moore, Paul Eiding, Steve Blum. Ben meets a teenager named Kevin in an arcade. He has the ability to absorb any form of energy. They team up, only for Ben to discover that Kevin is only interested in using Ben's Omnitrix to do bad.

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Full Name Kevin Ethan Levin Alias (es) Kev Kevin 11 Ultimate Kevin Muscles The Prize Babe (by Gwen) Metal friend (by Galapagus) Origin Ben 10 Occupation Criminal Con artist Weapons dealer Terrorist Null Void prisoner (all formerly) Member of Ben's Team Plumber (honorary) Mechanic Powers / Skills Power absorption Superhuman strength

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Shannen Doherty is ratting out Kevin Smith for killing her career. She may have been a household name in the 1990s with breakout roles in the film "Heathers" and the television hits "Beverly.

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Kevin was released from the null void and became a hero and a main character in the shows Alien Force and Ultimate Alien but in the Ben 10 episode "Ken 10" in the future he was Kevin 11,000 still evil and have been trapped in the null void until his son Devlin released him.

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Home World Earth Residence New York City (formerly) Null Void (formerly) Bellwood (formerly) Paik's Body Shop (formerly) Friedkin University Age 11 (Original Series) 12 (Omniverse flashbacks) 16 (Alien Force) [merch 1] 17 (Ultimate Alien and Omniverse) 76 - 96 ( Paradox; temporarily) Affiliations

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Ben 10 Occupation Criminal Null Void prisoner Amalgam Kids Con Artist/Weapon dealer (all formerly) Plumber Powers / Skills Power absorption

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Ben 10 | Kevin Has Another Omnitrix and Duplicates of Ben's Aliens | Cartoon Network Ben 10 3.61M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 224K 62M views 4 years ago #kevin11 #bentennyson #omnitrix.

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Fighting off evil from Earth or space. He'll never stop 'till he makes 'em pay, 'cause he's the baddest kid to ever save the day! Ben 10!

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Kevin Being the Best Character in Ben 10 for Over 11 Minutes Howie Edits 4.28K subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 36K Share 1.3M views 2 years ago #8568 Discord Server: / discord My username:.

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Kevin Levin is a prominent character in the Ben 10 franchise. When Kevin first appeared in the Original Series, he quickly became one of Ben 's most notable enemies. However, he reformed in Alien Force, and became one of the main heroes. In the reboot, Kevin is one of the main antagonists in Season 3.

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Kevin Ethan Levin is the Forever Knight's former Right-hand man and the Secondary Antagonist turned Anti-Hero/Supporting Protagonist from the season three of the series reboot Ben 10. Originally one of the enforcers of the Forever Knight and Ben's Arch-Rival but eventually reforms become Frenemies/Friends With Both Ben and Gwen, he sacrificed himself in order to return Gwen and Ben to the.

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Kevin Ethan Levin, AKA Kevin 11 AKA Kevin E. Levin, is a human/Osmosian hybrid with the ability to absorb any type of energy or matter and release it at will. He first appeared in the original series and quickly became one of Ben's most notable nemeses. However, he reformed in Ben 10: Alien Force, and then became one of the main hero characters. But in The Forge of Creation he absorbed the.

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0:00 / 4:55 Intro Every Kevin 11 Transformation | Ben 10 | Cartoon Network Cartoon Network 11.9M subscribers Subscribe 4.7M views 4 years ago Check out Kevin's amazing alien transformations!.

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Cartoon Network 12M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 52K 6M views 1 year ago #kevin11 #ben10clip #ben10cartoonnetwork The celebration hasn't ended yet! We've got another full episode from one of.