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Girls from England? A guy walks into a bar and hears two women speaking in a British accent. He asks, "Are you ladies from England?" One says to him "No, it's Wales, you idiot!" So, then the guy says, "Okay, sorry. So, are you two whales from England?" Can't help but read that in a Welsh accent. I love the welsh accent!

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Tue 9 Jan 2024 19.01 EST. Sperm whales live in clans with distinctive cultures, much like those of humans, a study has found. Using underwater microphones and drone surveys, Hal Whitehead, a sperm.

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Wales ( Welsh: Cymru [ˈkəm.rɨ] ⓘ) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It is bordered by England to the east, the Irish Sea to the north and west, the Celtic Sea to the southwest and the Bristol Channel to the south. As of the 2021 census, it had a population of 3,107,494. [1]

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Indignantly they scoffed and said "Wales". -"Oh, so sorry. Are you two whales from England then?" Advertisement Coins. 0 coins. Premium Powerups Explore Gaming. -"Oh, so sorry. Are you two whales from England then?" comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment.

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15th January 2024, 02:24 PST. BBC. Two men have been jailed for life for murdering a schoolgirl in West Dunbartonshire more than 27 years ago. The body of Caroline Glachan, 14, was discovered on.

Are You Two Girls From England?

Over the next 13 years, Gero, a National Geographic Explorer, would record and get to know hundreds of sperm whales. But he kept coming back to a revelation that struck him as he'd listened to Drop and Doublebend: If humans were ever to decode the language of whales, or even determine if whales possessed something we might truly call language, we'd need to pair their clicks with the context.

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A people smuggler has been jailed for trying to sneak a Vietnamese woman into the UK by cramming her into the dashboard of his car. Photos captured by Border Force officers show the woman wedged.

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Another obvious difference between baleen and toothed whales is the number of blowholes on top of their head; baleen whales have two whereas toothed whales have one. There are only 15 baleen whale species and they are generally larger than the 77 species of toothed whales - except for the mighty sperm whale, the largest toothed whale.

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In the England and Wales, all cetaceans are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985, which prohibit their deliberate killing, injury or disturbance. In Scotland, protection is under the Habitats Directive.

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A guy overhears two women at the bar talking with an accent. He walks up to them and asks "Excuse me, I couldn't help but hear you speak, are you two ladies from Scotland perhaps?". The women turn toward him and one of them rudely replies "it's Wales, dumbass!". He says "Excuse me, are you two whales from Scotland?".

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Them: Wales, you idiot Me: I'm sorry, are you two whales from England?

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Sperm whales, the largest species of toothed whale, can be seen in deep waters off the west coast of Scotland, along with the occasional beluga. Sightings of humpback whales are being recorded.

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In 2014, about 60 bigger whales were stranded, including 20 long-finned pilot whales, 15 minke whales, and one humpback, one orca and one beluga whale. Why do whales become stranded?

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Wales is bounded by the Dee estuary and Liverpool Bay to the north, the Irish Sea to the west, the Severn estuary and the Bristol Channel to the south, and England to the east. Anglesey (Môn), the largest island in England and Wales, lies off the northwestern coast and is linked to the mainland by road and rail bridges. The varied coastline of Wales measures about 600 miles (970 km).

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1. Whales are divided into two main groups There are two types of whales: the baleen whales and the toothed whales. Baleen whales, including humpbacks and blue whales, have fibrous 'baleen' plates in their mouths instead of teeth, which help them filter out and consume huge quantities of krill, plankton, and crustaceans.

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The killer whale known as Aquarius was spotted off the west coast of Cornwall. The most southerly sighting of the UK's only resident family of killer whales has been made, experts believe. The two.