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Gulp.js: Web Project Workflows image
Gulp.js: Web Project Workflows

Modern front-end development means more than just writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Developing an efficient workflow will help you write better code and test and deploy your web applications easily and efficiently. Gulp.js make setting up compression, minification, preprocessing, and other common tasks as easy as writing a setup file.

Vue.js: Working with APIs image
Vue.js: Working with APIs

Modern apps are shifting to a model where APIs provide the data and interactivity. Front-end developers decide how to present the information and interactions, and the APIs power the rest. Vue.js was built with these challenges in mind; it’s a view-only framework specifically designed to integrate elegantly with other libraries.

Succeeding in Web Development: Full Stack and Front End image
Succeeding in Web Development: Full Stack and Front End

This course provides a map of the core technologies and advice about mastering them, complemented with the details you need to connect them to jobs. Senior Staff Author Ray Villalobos also provides tips on finding training, getting hired, and maximizing your earning potential in this lucrative and exciting field.