How To Get Rid Of Scratches On Glasses

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Toothpaste Glass Polisher Baking Soda Metal Polish Prepare the Glass Home remedies work best on shallow scratches. For deeper damage, you may need to talk to a professional glass repair service or even replace the glass. Test the scratch you want to fix by trying to put your fingernail into it.

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There are several home remedies, like toothpaste and baking soda, that claim to fix scratches on your glasses, however these methods tend to do more harm than good to your lenses. To help, our experts have debunked some common quick fixes for scratched lenses and explain how they can be fixed properly

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Rub a thick paste of water and baking soda into the lenses in a circular motion after cleaning them with a microfiber cloth. This method does not require vigorous rubbing but a gentle touch. Using toothpaste to get scratches off Scratches on your glasses can get worse if you rub toothpaste on them .

How To Get Rid Of Scratches On Glasses

Method 1: The Toothpaste or Pumice Soap Fix Regular white toothpaste or mildly abrasive liquid soap can polish fine scratches out of glass. Materials: Plain white toothpaste (varieties containing baking soda and/or formulated for whitening purposes work better than gel formulas); or

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You'll need to grab a soft microfiber cloth, baking soda, and bowl. Clean your glasses with a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning wipe to remove dust and excess grime. Mix one to two tablespoons of baking soda with warm water until it forms a thick paste.

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1. Use dish soap Ensure your dish soap does not contain any moisturizers. With water, apply a small amount of dish soap to a microfiber cloth. Gently wipe the scratched lenses in small circles to buff out any imperfections. 3 2. Combine baking soda with water Baking soda with water is one of the most common ways to fix scratched glasses.

4 ways to remove scratches from your glasses! Grandma's Things

Step 1: Start with clean glasses. Rub your eyewear with a lens cleaner and microfiber cloth to get rid of any dust and debris. Step 2: Make the magic mixture. Use 1 to 2 teaspoons of baking.

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1 Wash your glasses with dish soap and water. Download Article Clean your glasses before dealing with the scratches. Go to the kitchen sink, turn it on, and make sure the water is room temperature. Place your glasses underneath the running water. Squeeze a small drop of dish soap onto your index finger and your thumb.


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Here are 10 easy and cheap ways to remove the scratches on eyeglasses. Glasses are pretty expensive! And not only are they expensive, but they improve your v.

How To Get Rid Of Scratches On Glasses

What You Will Need Your glasses Rubbing alcohol or etching cream Plastic scraper Microfiber cloth Mild soap Warm water Steps on How to Remove Anti-Scratch Coating From Glasses Step 1: Work with the lenses Step 2: Wait Step 3: Remove the coating Step 4: Wash and dry the glasses Step 5: Try it on Conclusion What You Will Need Your glasses

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Apply non-abrasive toothpaste to the lens (remember NOT to use abrasive toothpaste), especially where the scratches are. Then use cotton or woollen cloth to remove scratches. Gently wipe the lens for about 30 seconds, rinse the frame and lenses with cold water and wipe them. At last, the scratches would disappear and your lenses would be clean.

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Find Info Get Ideas How-To Watch TV Other Rooms 3 Fixes for Scratched Glass Don't let unsightly scratches mar your favorite glass surfaces. Here are three ways you can restore your.

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Tip #1 - Toothpaste This is a great hack because everyone has toothpaste, so you can eliminate the problem of scratches conveniently whenever you need. Simply apply a small amount of non-abrasive toothpaste to some cotton wool and slowly buff away the scratch.

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The first: Brasso. Using Brasso Brass Polish to remove scratches in glass has been a closely guarded secret of watchmakers, door and window installers and glaziers for decades. The second: Baking soda. And the third, albeit one of the slower (but more effective) methods for removing deep scratches in glass, is to use clear nail polish.

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Mix a couple of tablespoons of baking soda with a small amount of water to create a thick paste, Zavaleta says. Then grab a clean microfiber cloth (i.e. not the one you just used) and gently rub.