Filius Blue Chili Frön Pris €2.00

Filius Blue sehr scharfe Chilli bunte Zierchili dunkles Laub

Filius Blue Chilli Pepper PLANT quantity. Add to wishlist . Out of stock. Product description. Very hot. Unusual small round purple fruit ripens to red. Purple/green leaves on plant 2feet tall. Ideal for growing in pots. Is best grown indoors. 1mature plant ready for final pot.

Filius Blue ChiliPapricice

Filius Blue is a chili that grows to around 25-40cm in height, suitable to grow in pots and containers. Gorgeous plants with fruits that ripen in green, purple, yellow, orange, and red.

Filius Blue Chili Frön Pris €2.00

Filius Blue chilli seeds. The Filius Blue (C. Annuum) is essentially a ornamental chilli plant. It is a small Annuum variety that grows to around 30cm in height. A compact attractive bush with beautiful dark purple/green foliage covered in a canopy of marble sized ovaloid pods that are upward facing. Pods are purple at first and change through.

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Filius Blue Chilli Pepper AGM quantity + £2.10. Add to basket. Add to wishlist . Product description. Very hot. Unusual small round purple fruit ripens to red. Purple/green leaves on plant 2feet tall. Ideal for growing in pots. Packet contents: 10 seeds.


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The Filius Blue pepper is a deceptively purple pepper with beautiful plant qualities and a unique flavor for an ornamental plant. Winning the RHS Award of Garden Merit, this reliable variety livens up your garden while providing very tasty fruits for different culinary uses.. Grow Filius Blue pepper plants that reach 2 ft. tall and produce high yields of deep blue/purple small fruits.

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Buy Chili pepper 'Filius Blue' seeds and plants online Growing Filius Blue from seed Start indoors six to eight weeks before last frost date. Ensure a distance of 1.95 inches (5.0 cm) between seeds when sowing - look to sow at a depth of approximately 0.2 inches (0.5 cm).

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A very attractive plant with purple foliage and flowers, and cone-shaped fruit ripening from bluish-purple to dusky-red. Hot fruits on a 30cm-high, bushy plant. Fruits can be chopped finely and added to cooking.. Mail-order chilli pot plants. Each plant is sent in its own box to keep it safe in the post and is shipped

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'Filius Blue' is a heritage chilli, with blue-tinged leaves and small purple, hot chillies, that turn red - and milder - when they ripen. It grows as a compact plant, and so is suitable for growing in a pot. Contributed by @gemmac plant Features Full sun Occasional watering A little frost hardy: 32F (0°C) Free draining and fertile plant information

Filius Blue sehr scharfe Chilli bunte Zierchili dunkles Laub

Origin: Mexico Capsicum species: Annuum Jalapeño reference scale: 4 to 20 times hotter Use: Ornamental Size: Up to 1 inch long, conical Flavor: Neutral (peppery) How hot is the Filius Blue pepper? Like most ornamental peppers, there's a bigger bite than you'd expect from chilies of these sizes and beauty.

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One of the most beautiful of both ornamental and edible peppers, the Filius Blue pepper produces beautiful ovoid chillies that start out a deep purple-blue colour which they remain for a long time before ripening to red. Filius Blue chillies are unusual in that they lose their heat when they ripen.

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Filius Blue is a stunning little pepper. The plants are small and squat, grow exceptionally well in containers and also make a perfect ornamental garden edging. Pod shape can be varied from slightly pointy to full round. What sets Filius Blue apart are its stunning deep indigo/purple berry sized pod

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Filius Blue sehr scharfe Chilli bunte Zierchili dunkles Laub

Filius Blue pepper are great for containers.. Each bushy little plant produces a mass of highly ornamental quiet small round peppers. We have also listed fe.

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Description Buy a min and any 4 packs of seeds - get 25% of each pack - Use Coupon Code - 443ChilliSeeds CHILLIESontheWEB Quick Growing Guide to Filius Blue chilli plant Ideal Growing : Tunnel - Greenhouse - Can be grown indoors ( see our guide here) : Outdoors requires the plant to be hardened first - see our chilli hardening page here

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Potentially harmful. Irritant if eaten, skin/eye irritant. Wear gloves and other protective equipment when handling. Genus. Capsicum are annual or perennial plants, with simple, alternate leaves, and tubular or bell-shaped flowers. They are grown for their glossy, many-seeded edible fruits, including chilli and bell peppers, and as indoor.