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SharkBite brass push-fit double check valve is tough, withstanding high temperature and pressure. The brass push-fit double check valve is designed to act as backflow prevention up to Fluid Category 3. Made from DZR brass its sleek design means they also look good in front of wall applications too.

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In general terms, dezincification, also known as the leaching of zinc, is a chemical process which involves the selective loss of zinc from an alloy. Specifically, it's an electrochemical reaction between zinc and certain chemicals which are found in water, which results in a spongy, weak layer of copper on the surface of the metal.

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DZR (Dezincification Resistant) or DR Brass is a type of brass used for manufacturing, which gives resistance to dezincification corrosion. Products that offer Dezincification Resistant properties will often be marked with the "DR" mark. Brass is a widely used metal alloy, made of copper and zinc.

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Product Information It's all at Albion 20 -20 oC to +170 oC 640HW PN20 DZR Brass Gate Valve Features Screwed BSP Taper (ISO 7/1) or NPT (ANSI B1.20.1) DZR Brass Body & Wedge Cast Hand Wheel BS5154 WRAS Approved DN 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1 1/4" 1 1/2" 2" 43 46 52 65 66 82.5 69.7 75 84.5 99 109.5 130.5 53 53 60 72 72 80


globe valve 9515/9516 series. manual regulating double. Contact. DN: 15, 22 mm. Pressure: 25, 16 bar. Temperature: -10 °C - 130 °C. Fixed orifice DZR brass double regulating valveDiameters from DN015 - ½" to DN050 - 2"Threaded F/F (ISO 228/1 for DN15 and DN20, ISO 7/1 Rp above)Olive & nut kit (O/N) for European copper tubing (EN1057) on.

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Dezincification resistant (DZR or DR) brasses, sometimes referred to as CR (corrosion resistant) brasses, are used where there is a large corrosion risk and where normal brasses do not meet the standards.

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Specification: HV4017 Balancing Valves Iso/Reg Fixed Orifice Threaded Brass. Screwed fixed integral orifice commissioning valves DN15 - DN50 shall be DZR Copper Alloy, oblique pattern and shall have an orifice integral to the valve body and be in accordance with BS7350, rated PN20. Valves will be fitted with self-sealing test points for flow.

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Dezincification-resistant (DZR) brass can help prevent corrosion from negatively affecting various components, including valves used in a number of applications. Although many applications use valves and other fittings made from normal brass alloys, certain impurities could cause a type of corrosion known as dezincification.

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Circuit balancing valves (CBVs) combine a double regulating valve with a primary measuring element for determining and adjusting hydronic fluid flow in an HVAC system. CBVs are an effective means of ensuring occupant comfort in buildings incorporating hydronic heating or cooling systems. Correct HVAC system operation requires that a specified.

DZR Ball Valve Extended Stem Herz Valves UK ESI Building Services

The term stands for Dezincification Resistant. It means that DZR brass can avoid dezincification. So, DZR valves are strongly resistant to a severe form of corrosion. DZR brass valves are perfect for long-term use without damage. It is more effective than regular brass. We use these valves widely for bathroom fitting purposes and many more.

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DZR, or dezincification-resistant brass, is a special type of copper alloy that has been specifically designed to resist corrosion better than standard brass. It contains a higher percentage of zinc than standard brass and can withstand much harsher environments without corroding or developing pinholes on its surface.

12 54 mm DZR brass Ball valves 2 way Ball valves s.30 DZR RuB

DZR brass pressure independent control valve (PICV) Max. ∆P working pressure 60psi Flow accuracy: +/-5% of maximum flow or. FNPT, MNPT, and Solder tailpieces available Isolation ball valve with union nut for ON/OFF operation FNPT, Solder and EzPress version available for ball valve Blow-out proof stem, adjustable packing 100% full stroke.

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Dezincification is a corrosion process, caused by the contact with water, which selectively removes zinc from the copper alloys, leaving behind a porous and copper-rich structure with reduced mechanical strength. Dezincification-resistant (DZR) brass contains additional elements which are able to inhibit this process and - particularly for the hot-formed pieces - presents a controlled.

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1 What Is DZR Valve? 2 What Is Bronze Valve? 3 Properties of DZR Valve Versus Bronze Valve 3.1 Properties of DRZ Valve 3.1.1 · Excellent Coping Features 3.1.2 · Strong 3.1.3 · Less Zinc Content with Higher Copper Presence 3.1.4 · Higher Temperature Tolerance 3.1.5 · Corrosion Resistance 3.2 Properties of Bronze Valve 3.2.1 · Brittle

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Solid Bronze or DZR Inline Ball Valves, What's the difference A common question is which material do I select for my thru hull and seacock fittings. Solid Bronze or DZR Bronze are the two different materials commonly used for seacocks in marine applications.

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Integral seat. Dezincification (DZR) copper alloy body. Threaded to BS EN 10226-1 (ISO 7). Applicable for Building Services, Air-Conditioning, Fire-Protection, Cold Water Plumbing, Hot Water System, General Industries. Categories: Copper Valves, Mechanical Service & HVAC Description PRESSURE & TEMPERATURE RATINGS MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS