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You've probably heard of the Colorado Experiment where Casey Viator gained about 63 pounds of muscle in just 28 days. That equals an increase of 2.26 pounds of muscle per day. Of course, this feat was accomplished by a world class bodybuilder who was recovering from an injury. He did nothing but eat and train for four weeks straight.

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The Colorado Experiment: A breakthrough study that produced the largest muscle gains ever recorded: 63.21 lbs in 28 days. The experiment was devised by Arthur Jones, inventor of the Nautilus training machines. The main test subject was Casey Viator, a professional bodybuilder.

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The Man Who Gained 63 Pounds of Muscle in a Month: Looking Back on Arthur Jones' Controversial 'Colorado Experiment' In 1973, fitness entrepreneur Arthur Jones created an experimental workout.

In the Gym The Colorado Experiment Part 2 YouTube

New Kid on the Block Casey took to lifting like a fish takes to water. He made enormous gains his first few years of training. He responded very well to the physical training and by the time he was 19 he won the Mr. America contest in 1971. Thus becoming the youngest man to ever win the title.

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What was the Colorado Experiment? And is it really possible to gain 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days using the 4-Hour Body workout? What Was the Colorado Experiment? The Colorado Experiment wasn't really an experiment. It was a giant marketing exercise by Arthur Jones, the inventor of the Nautilus range of exercise machines.

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The results of the Colorado Experiment will probably be a controversial subject for years to come, but in the end the facts will be clearly established and accepted by almost everybody; so perhaps controversy is a necessary evil, required to bring the truth into the open 1 ". Another goal was to demonstrate the shorter workout duration.

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The primary objective of the 1-cm geoid experiment in Colorado (USA) is to compare the numerous geoid computation methods used by different groups around the world. This is intended to lay the foundations for tuning computation methods to achieve the sought after 1-cm accuracy, and also evaluate how this accuracy may be robustly assessed. In this experiment, (quasi)geoid models were computed.

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The Colorado Experiment took place in May of 1973 at Colorado State University. The purpose of the experiment was to produce a high level of muscular growth by training Casey Viator every other day, or 14 times in 28 days, in a supervised university setting. Nautilus-inventor Arthur Jones personally trained Casey for every workout.

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The Colorado Experiment was a way for Jones to see how much muscle Viator could build in a short period of time. The experiment ran over 28 days. Viator trained every other day. The experiment was in a controlled setting and Jones oversaw every workout. The training was intense and half the exercises involved negative-only reps.

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How to gain 63 pounds of Muscle in 28 Days: The Infamous Colorado Experiment Is it possible to gain 63 pounds of muscle in less than a month? What about 15 pounds of muscle in twenty-two days? By any metric such results would be phenomenal but few people believe such a feat is manageable.

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And they're mostly right. However, in 1973 Arthur Jones created a powerful exception to this rule with his famous Colorado Experiment and set the bodybuilding community on fire. And although many people doubted the validity of the results, the undeniable truth was that they were real and this was easily proven. Here's what actually happened.

The Colorado Experiment Workout 9 YouTube

Season 3 Episode 3 of In the Gym.Randy Roach, author of Muscle Smoke and Mirrors volume 1,2 and 3sits down and discusses the real story of the Colorado Exper.

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The Colorado Experiment is very interesting and Dorian Yates (former Mr. Olympia 1992-97) followed a training method similar to it according to his convo on the Joe Rogan Experience. Basically, you do one set of a muscle group to failure but you keep it within a specified rep range.

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It should be evident that the results above are shocking. This seems like an astronomically high number - 63 pounds of muscle in only 28 days, with only 7 total hours of training. Then there's the fact that it was all done on machines (since we know that free weights tend to be superior) and that it was done without steroids.

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1 Nautilus & Athletic Journal Articles The Colorado Experiment Introduction Properly conducted exercise is capable of producing a number of worthwhile results. (1) increased strength and muscular endurance. (2) improved cardiovascular ability, or "condition". (3) greater speed-of-movement for any athletic activity.

The Colorado Experiment Workout 10 YouTube

The following is a brief, preliminary report of an experiment conducted at Colorado State University in May of 1973. A detailed, book-length report titled "Progressive Exercise" well be published in 1974. LOCATION. Department of Physical Education, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. SUPERVISION . . . Dr. Elliott Plese, Director of Exercises Physiology lab., […]