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The circle of fifths is really the Rosetta Stone of music and can give you some insight (or at least some shortcuts) to understanding how songs are put together so that they sound good. After this lesson, you'll know enough about the circle of fifths to see it in action in every song you play! Circle Of Fifths: What's A Fifth? The circle of what?

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A A ♯ B C Let's take the fifth note in the scale of C major (the tone "G") and use that note to make a new scale. What will the names of the notes be? From G we will apply the formula of whole and half steps, using the chromatic scale as our source: wh, wh, h, wh, wh, wh, h. The result is G A B C D E F♯ G. The G Major Scale G G ♯ A A ♯ B C C ♯ D

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The circle of fifths is an arrangement of the 12 musical notes of the chromatic scale, all a fifth apart and in the shape of a circle. While at first this may not sound very interesting, the circle reveals important relationships between the pitches and organizes them in a way that's very useful to understanding diatonic harmony.

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The Circle of Fifths is a geometric representation of how the 12 notes of the chromatic scale relate to one another. If you look closely at the diagram you will see each note is a Perfect Fifth (seven semitones, or seven frets on the fretboard) higher than the next (going clockwise). Not sure what is a Perfect Fifth?

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This is just a straight up way to read and use the circle of fifths. All scales come from 1 main scale, which is the major scale. In scales, there are a certain number of sharps and flats. You can.

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The Circle of Fifths An easy way to remember what the 5ths are is by using a circle of fifths. This is a way to arrange all the notes on the guitar (or other instrument) in a convenient circle that easily shows the fifths.

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By using the Circle of Fifths, you can quickly and easily determine the key signature of any major or minor key, as well as the chords that will sound good together in a given key. This makes it an essential tool for anyone learning music theory or for musicians who want to better understand the underlying structure of the music they play.

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This in-depth Animated Lesson on The Circle of fifths for guitarists will show you How to actually Understand/memorize and use the Circle of fifths - this is.

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The Circle of Fifths tells you how many sharps or flats are in a given key. C has no sharps or flats. It is called the Circle of Fifths because as you go clockwise you go up a fifth. For example, the fifth note of the C major scale is G. The fifth note of the G major scale is D, and so on.


The circle of fifths is the way the 12 musical notes of the chromatic scale are arranged following a sequence of perfect fifths (7 semitones). It helps visualizing relationships between notes and better understanding diatonic harmony.

How to use the circle of fifths in your guitar practice LGI

The circle of fifths is a principle in music theory that begins from the note of C and the key of C major (because it has no sharps or flats) and repeatedly moves up in steps of a perfect fifth, through every key, until it returns to C major again.

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The circle of fifths is your road map to the twelve musical keys. The term might sound like a dry music theory lesson, but the circle of fifths is one of the most useful concepts to learn in music. It will help you remember key signatures, situate yourself on your instrument and unlock creativity with chords and progressions.

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2019-12-16 Music Theory The circle of fifths is an excellent music theory graphic that every musician should know inside and out. It shows you all the notes in any major or natural minor scale and the key signature for each of those scales. You can also use it to build the triads in the major scale, as well as use it for transposing and modulation.

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🔗 GET THE DIAGRAMS HERE: this video, you'll learn how to use the circle of fif.