‘His physical structure is different than any human being I’ve ever seen in my life' Joe Rogan

Yoel Romero says 'you can not retire' until you fight in Dublin before hailing Bellator 285

While many questioned his muscular and jacked-up frame, Yoel Romero never tested positive for PED's or any other substance. He is built like a superhuman and - as this list will seek to explain.

요엘 로메로 "34라운드에 아데사냐 피니쉬 시킨다" 등 MMA 뉴스

TIL Yoel Romero broke his neck in 2011 and was almost a paraplegic. I knew he was injured after the Feijao fight, and you can see the neck scar, but I didn't know it was that serious. Just came across this interview. He runs the risk of catastrophic reinjury every time he practices. That's pretty terrible.

Yoel Romero has no doubt he can make 185 pounds

2.4K 376 Joe Rogan Story About Yoel Romero. Yoel Romero eating headkicks Yoel Romero has been recognized as one of the most physically gifted athletes ever. In both wrestling and.

“His Disc Was So F***ed Up” Joe Rogan Left Stunned by 46YearOld Yoel Romero’s Fused Neck That

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‘His physical structure is different than any human being I’ve ever seen in my life' Joe Rogan

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Fight Site UFC iznenada raskinuo ugovor s Yoelom Romerom! 'Nismo očekivali ovakav kraj...'

CUBAN MUSCLE CRISIS! 43 Year old Yoel Romero gets HILARIOUS THERAPY and Adjustment - YouTube © 2023 Google LLC Yoel Romero sees Dr Beau Hightower for neck pain..

Yoel Romero signs with Bellator, will make promotional debut at Light Heavyweight

r/MMA • 6 yr. ago -dementia- A reminder that Yoel Romero risks serious injury every time he competes After his loss to Rafael Cavalcante in Strikeforce, Yoel Romero was forced to take a two-year hiatus from the sport because he had to undergo a serious neck surgery.

Former UFC title challenger Yoel Romero to join Bellator, make debut at light heavyweight

Yoel Romero is a man on a mission after Bellator 285, and that's to capture a middleweight title that's so far eluded him in his decorated cage career.. After decimating Melvin Manhoef, a.

Yoel Romero Ufc, Fighter, Polynesian tattoo

#1 Yoel Romerot talks neck, knee injuries before match with Machida After his loss to Rafael Cavalcante in Strikeforce, Yoel Romero was forced to take a two-year hiatus from the sport.

Yoel Romero’s Last Chance at Gold Comes at UFC 248

Yoel Romero was one of the most intimidating fighters during his prime in the UFC. He joined the promotion in 2013 but never won any major championships. However, he was able to rack up a record of 11 wins and 6 losses during his stint in the UFC. Joe Rogan talks about Yoel Romero having his neck fused ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad

Yoel Romero Biography Facts, Childhood, Family Life & Achievements

· December 28, 2022 · Shared with Public Have you ever noticed a big long scar on Yoel Romero's neck that starts from the back of the head and goes till his 7th cervical vertebrae? Right before his UFC career accident occurred with Yoel, that could have turned his MMA career right in another direction.

Yoel Romero inks new eightfight contract with UFC, but isn’t healthy enough to face Paulo Costa

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Yoel Romero set to move up to UFC’s Light Heavyweight division r/MMA

Yoel Romero Clifford Starks 1 0 12 3 0 0 0 0 UFC on FOX: Henderson vs Melendez Apr. 20, 2013 KO/TKO Flying Knee 1 1:32 loss. Yoel Romero Rafael Cavalcante 0 2 26 17 0 1 0 0.

Yoel Romero Could Be Man to Beat at Middleweight, If He Just Cuts Out the Crazy Bleacher

Yoel Romero didn't clear pre-fight medical screening and is out of the Bellator Light Heavyweight World Grand Prix against Anthony "Rumble" Johnson.

Who’s best UFC fighter to never win title inside octagon?

Yoel Romero Palacio (born April 30, 1977) is a Cuban professional mixed martial artist and former freestyle wrestler. [3] He currently competes in the Light Heavyweight division for Bellator MMA. [4]

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Matt Erickson June 27, 2015 1:00 pm ET FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Yoel Romero is looking at his main event tonight against Lyoto Machida as the type of fight that could change his life.