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Stir all-purpose flour, dried thyme, kosher salt, black pepper, and garlic powder together in a 6-quart or larger slow cooker. Add the beef and toss to coat. Add broth and vegetables. Whisk beef broth, tomato paste, and Worcestershire sauce until combined, then pour over the beef. Add the vegetables, and stir to combine.

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Slow cooker Hainanese-style chicken. Traditionally, this Hainanese recipe is a dish of whole chicken poached in a light garlic and ginger broth, served with rice also cooked in the broth. To make things easier, our Hainanese chicken rice recipe uses chicken Marylands, instead of a whole bird. Chicken thighs can be used too.

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Fresh Ideas. Easy One-Pot Lamb Stew. Prep. 5m. Cook. 1hr+. Difficulty. Fresh Ideas. A selection of 50 slow cooker ideas recipes from Woolworths, including Slow Cooker Apricot Chicken, Slow Cooker Ratatouille and Slow Cooker Vegetarian Sausage Casserole.

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A slow cooker is an electric appliance that simmers food at a low temperature over a long period of time. Because of this low-and-slow method, slow cookers are great for breaking down and tenderizing large pieces of meat like pot roasts or beef stews. But that's not all they can do.

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Sunbeam Kambrook Crockpot Kmart Bellini ALDI Lumina Other slow cooker brands Not sure which slow cooker to buy? Check out our buying guide below. 1. Russell Hobbs Ratings result Russell Hobbs steamed ahead with five stars in every research category.

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15 lamb chops recipe ideas From slow cooker stews to quick and easy weeknight dinners, take that lamb chop dinner to new heights. Lamb and chickpea pilau A delicious slow cooker rice dish. We've included the stovetop instructions too! Smoky mushroom soup with garlic labne If you love mushroom soup, you're going to love this twist on the classic.

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1-2 people: A 3-4 litre slow cooker will be sufficient. However, source a large slow cooker if you like batch cooking, and then freezing the leftovers to defrost and eat later in the week. 3-5 people: A 4.5-6 litre cooker is a good size to aim for. 5+ people: Add 1 litre per person exceeding 5 people. The 20 best Slow Cookers in 2024 ranked.

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Slow-cooker pork and lemongrass curry. Hearty, warming and packed full of flavour, this delicious pork and lemongrass curry is the easiest way you'll make an authentic Asian style curry at home. Simply pop all the ingredients in the slow-cooker, and let the magic happen. 20.

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The benefits of using a slow cooker are endless; not only does it add ease and convenience to your cooking, but it allows you to create beautifully tender, fragrant and hearty one-pot meals every time, without fail. Simply pop your ingredients in your slow cooker, and come back to a delicious dinner. Too easy!

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51 Best Slow-Cooker Recipes for Set-It-and-Forget-It Meals Fuss-free, comforting weeknight dinners, cozy breakfasts, and anytime desserts—all from your slow cooker. By Joe Sevier and The.

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Breville Breville The Flavour Maker slow cooker, $195, Amazon This extra-large slow cooker has the capacity to feed up to eight mouths or more. If you love hosting friends and family, this slow cooker from Breville should be your go-to. SHOP NOW Myer Philips Original All-In-One multi cooker, $169 (usually $249), Myer

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4 Slow-cooker massaman beef curry recipe. Take your tastebuds on an exotic trip with this authentic Thai curry dish. Slow cooking has the power to inject almost any dish with extra flavour, which is why it's one of our absolute favourite ways to make dinner. New to slow cooking and don't know where to start? These top-rated slow cooker.

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Slow cooker. As the name suggests, they're perfect for meals you want to take a bit of time with. Like, hours of time. Pressure cooker. A great way to cook things quickly. Uses steam to get fantastic instant pot Multi cooker.

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Slow Cookers Create delicious, flavoursome meals with slow cookers from great brands like Philips, Crock-Pot, Kambrook and more. Clear filters 40 results Sort In/Out of stock 1 Price Deals Colour Brand Sold By Rating LOW PRICE Contempo Slow Cooker 5.5L $24 Russell Hobbs Easy Clean Multi Cooker - RHMC20 $129 Free Delivery

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Keep in mind that a recipe that takes 2 hours to simmer or slow-roast will take about 6-8 hours on Low or 3-4 hours on High in the slow cooker. And, as a general rule, a slow cooker should be at least half-full when cooking casseroles, curries and soups. Place vegetables into the cooker, put meat on top, then add the liquid.

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Slow cooker paprika chicken. Chicken paprika is lightly spiced stew with tender chicken thighs, made super easy in the slow cooker. The colourful peppers and rich tomato and paprika sauce make it.