The Gilmore Mansion from “Gilmore Girls” IAMNOTASTALKER

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637 pages Explore Gilmore Girls About Community in: Locations Hartford Sign in to edit Hartford, Connecticut is where Emily and Richard Gilmore, Lorelai's parents, live. Also, in Season 5, Rory moves here to stay with her grandparents after deciding to take a break from Yale. Rory's high school, Chilton Prep, is also located in Hartford.


In addition to local specifics, consideration was also given to how Stars Hollow relates to the state of Connecticut as a whole. The most consistent example of this is the contrast between Stars Hollow and Hartford, where Richard and Emily Gilmore live. Owing to a very conscious decision by the showrunners, Hartford comes to represent the up-tight, old-money ways of Lorelai's family, whereas.

The Gilmore Mansion from “Gilmore Girls” IAMNOTASTALKER

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Where it all began. Come visit where it all began! The Mayflower Inn & Spa is where the Gilmore Girls' creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, stayed in Washington during her vacation to Connecticut.The town's beauty, warmth, and small-town camaraderie quickly captured her heart and she decided to recreate these elements in her first script for the Gilmore Girls.This beautiful hotel is also.

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1779 Public institutions Stars Hollow High School City Connecticut Stars Hollow is a fictional town on Gilmore Girls. It is located 30 miles from Hartford, Connecticut. It takes approximately 30 minutes to drive to Hartford and 40 minutes on the bus. Contents 1 About 2 LocationsTown Square 3 Events 4 Real Estate 5 Trivia 6 Photos

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In 2016, Jennie and Marcus Whitaker were stuck in traffic near Hartford, Connecticut, when they decided to make a detour through Washington. Fans of the show, the Whitakers wondered why no one had ever organized a Gilmore Girls fan festival, and decided that they would create their own .

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The Stars Hollow sign from "Gilmore Girls." Patrick Ecclesine/Warner Bros./Getty Images. Fans of the "Gilmore Girls" television series can finally visit the fictional Connecticut town of Stars Hollow in person. It's just across the country from the real deal. Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is selling tickets to a holiday event where guests can visit set pieces from "Gilmore Girls.

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gilmoregirls 317 posts · 1M followers View more on Instagram 47,533 likes gilmoregirls On the job. View all 242 comments There is one problem though, Washington Depot isn't close enough to.

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13 June 2018 If you're missing Gilmore Girls and its revival season, rest assured that there's still more you can do to get your fix. Grab a friend, or your mom, and go for a road trip down memory lane. Here's a DIY tour of Connecticut— Gilmore Girls style. Washington, Connecticut

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Explore the magic by experiencing the Gilmore Girls Experience at Delamar West Hartford. Here are some other cities and towns around the state featured in the popular television show Gilmore Girls that are worth a visit. Hartford - Almost every episode featured Friday night dinner at Rory's grandparents' house in the city.

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385 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105 Visit the website Gilmore Girls fans should start their self-guided tour at the Mark Twain House & Museum. In Deseret News ' February 2001 interview.

The Gilmore Mansion from “Gilmore Girls” IAMNOTASTALKER

Washington New Milford Litchfield Life's Short. Talk Fast. Mayflower Inn Where it all began. Start your weekend at the Mayflower Inn & Spa, the inspiration for Stars Hollow's Independence Inn—and, many say, the Gilmore Girls television show itself. This romantic resort and spa offers luxurious rooms and romantic gardens. * Editor's Picks

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Washington (Depot) It is no secret that Stars Hollow is a fictional town. Most hardcore fans know that the show's creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, was inspired by her trip to the towns of Washington and Washington Depot, Connecticut. The former town boasts of its Grace Mayflower Inn, where rooms start at more than $500 per night.

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Lorelai and Rory's Stars Hollow home and Emily and Richard's Hartford mansion. The floor plan of Lorelai and Rory's house as designed by Inaki Aliste. The first home we see in Gilmore Girls is Lorelai's house. It has beautiful traditional style mixed with Southern charm and an interior design perfect for the Gilmore's personalities.

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Stars Hollow is depicted as a close-knit community located roughly thirty minutes from the state capitol of Hartford. [1] The original town square set was located on the Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank backlot, just around the corner from the exterior set for the hospital in ER. [2] History of Stars Hollow Founding

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Proprietor Luke Danes (Scott Patterson), the number one consumer of flannel shirts in Stars Hollow, kept Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel) fed and caffeinated throughout the.