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Let's use some simple subdivision modeling to quickly create a cute stylized cat in Blender 3.1Check out my course with a detailed explanation of my workflow.

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The Cat Blender video is a video of a man placing a cat inside a blender and turning it on. He then proceeded to put the cat into a microwave. The cat was al.

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⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ READ AT YOUR OWN RISK I just wanna say this is honestly sickening these ( the owner put a cat in the blender how sickening do you have to be to even do that the story is that they put the cat in the blender and it was still alive after the owner turned the blender off and its legs were cut off, and it was meowing loudly but after that, they put it in the microwave and.

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The Cat Blender video is a video of a man placing a cat inside a blender and turning it on. He then proceeded to put the cat into a microwave. The cat was alive while being placed in the blender—which makes the act incredibly inhumane and evil. The video surfaced on Twitter and TikTok, getting millions of views in a short span of time.

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An Investigation into pure evil; Xu ZhiHui aka Jack Spicy..☕Have a topic for me? ️ Today! ️∩`.

Cat in a blender video goes viral on twitter and reddit

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How we know this is because a bunch of Twitter users started flooding the site with affirmations that they watched a crazy video with a cat and a blender. A Twitter account called @scarycontent18 actually shared the full video on that day, however, it has since been deleted by the moderation team.

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Video of cat in a blender circulated widely across Twitter The viral clip had mostly gone viral on Twitter at the time of writing this article. The social media platform often does not tolerate.


Cat in blender full video. 0:59. This media is not supported in your browser. VIEW IN TELEGRAM. 1.7K views 19:07. Cat in blender full video. 0:24. This media is not supported in your browser. VIEW IN TELEGRAM. 1.8K views 19:08. Cat in blender full video. 3:07. Media is too big. VIEW IN TELEGRAM. 1.9K views 19:09.

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Just a week after the first video of a poor kitty getting killed in a blender spread on social media like wildfire, another soul-crushing video of the same sort surfaced on Twitter and sparked.


It was exactly what the name says. A man put a cat into a blender. Used the lid and held it in place with his hand as the cat was pushed up against the top. The blender was turned on, in short bursts then on. The animal reacted visibly and audibly. The cat was then placed in a microwave.

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2.9K Likes, 1.5K Comments. TikTok video from ☠️𝐆𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐭☠️ (@keearahmagdaleno): "#CapCut_edit/#cat#in #a# blender 🥹 ️‍🩹..". Cat Videos. original sound - ☠️𝐆𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐭☠️.

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Cat Blender Video refers to a viral gore video of someone killing a live cat with a blender then taking it out and microwaving it. The video started spreading online in early May 2023. The shock media inspired reactions and outrage on sites like Twitter and TikTok, with some users seeking out more information about the video in an attempt to dox and expose whoever made it.

Create a LOW POLY CAT in BLENDER YouTube

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Cat in blender. 3 1. u/Afraid_Investment721. • 6 mo. ago Daniel Šafařík - Závodní Dráha (official video 4k) 2. u/j3ff1e. • 7 mo. ago Wtf i saw the video. ok so basically u can see the cat trying to escape as it gets blending there a lot of blood and guts. He then puts in the microwave barley alive with legs bleeding badly.