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Brendan Fraser Nude in The Passion of Darkly Moon 12.12.2009 3 Comments As a young stud, Brendan Fraser had a role in a mystery thriller called "The Passion of Darkly Moon".

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Brendan Fraser Confirms He Went Fully Nude in This '90s Movie The actor looked back on one of his breakout roles while chatting with Howard Stern. By Philip Ellis Published: Feb 8, 2023 Save.

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Brendan Fraser has discussed his "scary" experience filming a nude scene with Matt Damon in School Ties.. The actor, who recently received an Oscar nomination for his performance in The Whale.

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Brendan Fraser laid it all out in the open regarding his career, especially that one scene with Matt Damon in School Ties.. The actor appeared on The Howard Stern Show as part of his awards circuit for his Oscar nomination for The Whale.Stern said his favorite film Fraser has ever done, apart from The Whale, is the 1992 teen drama School Ties. Fraser starred alongside Damon, Ben Affleck, and.


Brendan Fraser opened up about filming a tense shower scene with Matt Damon for their 1992 film "School Ties" and revealed that both actors were fully nude while filming.

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Brendan Fraser says he and Matt Damon were fully nude during School Ties shower scene The Whale actor described being completely naked on the film's set as a "scary" experience. By Emlyn Travis.

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February 9, 2023 ยท 2 min read Brendan Fraser Went Fully Nude in This '90s MovieNoam Galai - Getty Images

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Brendan Fraser talked about his 1992 film School Ties in a recent interview and shared that the nude scene in the film was really difficult and scary for him to shoot, as reported by Fox News.

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Brendan Fraser is laying bare the real story behind the shower fight scene he had with Matt Damon in their 1992 movie School Ties . In a guest spot on The Howard Stern Show Tuesday, the Whale star.

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Brendan Fraser has opened up about the infamous shower scene in the film School Ties, revealing a "scary" behind-the-scenes detail with Matt Damon. Jack Hobbs - New York Post 2 min read

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Delbert Reid Info Brendan Fraser 2023 The Whale

Brendan Fraser's big comeback in The Whale is revealing some details about a few of his other past works โ€” including the time he went fully nude for a scene with Matt Damon. Go on, we're.

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Published Feb 10, 2023. Actor Brendan Fraser shares how "scary" it was to shoot a nude fight sequence with Matt Damon in his first feature film, School Ties. Brendan Fraser opened up about how scary the nude fight sequence was in his 1992 film School Ties opposite co-star Matt Damon. On The Howard Stern Show, The Whale star Fraser recalled how.

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AceShowbiz - Brendan Fraser has done a lot in his acting career, which has spanned over three decades, and that included getting buck naked in front of camera.

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Hollywood star Brendan Fraser has revealed he was fully nude while filming a shower scene with Matt Damon in School Ties, describing it as a 'scary' experience This video cannot be played.

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