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The education system in Italy is divided into five stages. The first is a kindergarten (scuola dell'infanzia). It covers the ages of 3-6 but is not compulsory. The next stage is a primary school (scuola primaria). The education period of this school is 5 years. Students are educated here between the ages of 6-11.

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Are you and your little ones moving to Italy? Learn how to navigate the education system in Italy and how to access international schools.

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In the Italian university system, students who finish their major get a final grade that that goes from 66 to 110 (plus honors). In my particular case, I got a 103/110. Since I am writing my resume/CV in English, I would like to convert my Italian final grade to the American (GPA?) and U.K system.

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Start an application Schedule a tour Learn more about different age and grade comparisons to determine the equivalent grade from countries like Japan, Korea, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and India. Contact us today with questions!

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Admissions. Grade Equivalent. The main differences between the Italian system and the one adopted by ISBergamo lie in the Elementary School which begins one year earlier and lasts 6 years, and in the High School which ends one year earlier. Students following the whole curriculum will therefore enter university one year in advance.

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1) Infant school The attending of this school is not obligatory (parents can decide to register their children in accordance with the needs), and it's divided into: - asilo nido (kindergarten): attended by 0-to-3 years old children - scuola materna (preschool): attended by 3-to-6 years old children

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(April 2013) There are two grading systems used in Italy : To someone familiar with both the Italian and the U.S. college systems, Italian grades are best translated into American grades (and vice versa) according to the following table: Scuola primaria, scuola secondaria di primo e secondo grado

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Your child's 1st-grade teachers will remain with them from 2 nd grade through 5 th grade. This also means that the students in the class stay the same from 1 st through 5 th grade.. From 1 st grade, Italian schoolchildren do a lot of memorizing (times tables, poems, dates in history, etc) and writing (copying sentences,.

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The Italian grading system. Each subject in the study plan requires passing an exam. The exams (referring to each single subject) can be oral and/or written.. The final mark of a degreeis expressed in one hundred and ten (scale 0-110), the minimum grade is 66/110 and the maximum grade is 110/110. The calculation of the final mark of each.

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The compulsory subjects taught during the 5 years of primary school are: Italian, English, history, geography, mathematics, sciences, technology, music, arts, physical education, civic education, Catholic religion/alternative activities. Civic education was introduced in 2020/2021 and replaced the former 'Citizenship and Constitution' (law 92/.

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Education in Italy is compulsory from 6 to 16 years of age, [2] and is divided into five stages: kindergarten ( scuola dell'infanzia ), primary school ( scuola primaria or scuola elementare ), lower secondary school ( scuola secondaria di primo grado or scuola media inferiore ), upper secondary school ( scuola secondaria di secondo grado or scuo.

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In this section, you can find out how the Italian education system works, from kindergarten to university, and decide for yourself whether you want private or public schools.. Scale Grade Description 9—10 Ottimo (Excellent) 8—8.99 Distinto (Very Good) 7—7.99 Buono (Good) 6—6.99 Sufficiente (Sufficient) 0—5.99 Respinto (Fail)

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Scale 2 Grade Description US Grade 97.00 - 100.00 With honors and commendations (Ottimo - Cum Laude)

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The final grade is a number from 6 to 10 (the best).. during the fifth and last year of study.. Italian Language and Literature, decided at national level and the same for all examinees: either a text comprehension and critique, or the writing of an essay. In those parts of Italy where Italian is not the only official language, the first.

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The Italian grading system varies depending on the level of education. Most Italian universities use the grade point scale as seen on the table below: At upper secondary school, grades follow an assessment scale with a minimum grade point of 60 to a maximum of 100. You may use the European grades comparison chart to learn how you would score in.