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sc3tog - single crochet 3 together. sc dec - single crochet decrease. scflo: Single crochet in front loop of designated st. sk - skip. sl st - slip stitch. sp - space. st - stitch. tbl - through back loop. tch or t-ch - turning chain. tr - treble crochet. trtr - triple treble crochet. tr2tog - treble crochet 2 together.

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Crochet patterns often have a series of steps that are repeated several times across a row. Rather than writing these out time after time, asterisks (*) are used to indicate the repeats. A pattern might read like this: Row 3: Dc in next 3 sts; *ch 1, skip next st, dc in next st; rep from * across row (or to end).

What Does SP Mean in Crochet?

The abbreviation SP means space in crochet. It is a pretty simple term to understand. You will find it written sp or sometimes sp (s), but it just means "space" or "spaces". This means you will crochet in the space between the stitches. It could be one space (sp) or multiple spaces (sps) depending on which abbreviation is used.

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What does ch sp mean in crochet? Ch sp is the abbreviation for chain space. So when a pattern says (sc2 in the next ch-2 sp), it refers to single crochet of 2 stitches in the next chain space bounded by a chain of 2. This will make more sense in the next section.

ch2 sp crochet pattern YouTube

sc = single crochet, one of the most basic and often-used crochet stitches. sk = skip; for example, you may skip the next chain and work into the following one, indicated by the term sk ch (ship chain). sl st = slip stitch, the method used to join rounds in crochet as well as a stitch used on its own; sp(s) = space(s). st(s) = stitch(es).

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Here's a brief guide on what "SP" means in crochet: Identify the Space: In your pattern, when you encounter "SP," it refers to a gap or opening between stitches. Skip Stitches to Create.

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The term "sp" in crochet stands for "space.". This can refer to the space between stitches, or the actual physical space that is created by a stitch. For example, a chain stitch creates a small loop, or space, that can be used to create other stitches. Similarly, increasing or decreasing the number of stitches in a row can create more.

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What does sp mean in crochet terms? The abbreviation sp stands for space, which is the gap between stitches. You might also see the plural abbreviation sp (s), which means spaces. Another common abbreviation is ch sp, which stands for chain space. A ch sp is the gap between stitches that's made by a chain (or chains).

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Crochet chains are also used to create chain spaces, also known as ch-sp, and are another essential element of crochet that allow the creation of open spaces in the crochet fabric. A chain space is created by crocheting chain (s) in the middle of a row or round. In many cases you also skipping a certain number of stitches on the previous row or.

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To Recap. . The word 'sp' can be used in crochet to indicate a space between stitches. When crocheting in the round, you will need to insert your hook into the first stitch of the round and yarn over, then go through the sp that was created and pull up a loop (this is called making a chain).

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Visit for a complete chart of crochet stitches with descriptions and videos.

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In crochet patterns, "SP" stands for "space.". Understanding how to work stitches into spaces is crucial for creating lacy and openwork designs. Here's a brief guide on what "SP.

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Make a ch 2 and turn. *1 dc, 1 dc spike into the center st of the row below, 1 dc, ch 1* in each ch sp across. To complete the row, make 2 dc in the first ch 2 sp of the previous row. Double Crochet Spike Stitch, Granny Spike Stitch. Rows 4 and up: Repeat row 3 for as long as you want your project to be.

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Sp or sp (s) means that you will crochet into the space between stitches in the row above. Either one space or multiple spaces, depending on which abbreviation is shown. A ch-sp can also be shown with the number, as an example, it could be ch-1sp or ch-2sp. Or partially written out as ch-1 space, etc.

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Posted November 7, 2006. "sp" stands for "space". When the pattern says do something in the ch-1 sp, it means to work your stitch in the place where the chain is. As I understand it, you don't work it into the stitch itself, but more like around the space.

What Does SP Mean in Crochet?

Following is a list of crochet abbreviations used in patterns by yarn industry designers and publishers. In addition, designers and publishers may use special abbreviations in a pattern, which you might not find on this list.. sp: space: st: stitch: tbl: through back loop: tch or t-ch: turning chain: tog: together: tr: treble crochet: tr2tog.