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Volkswagen W12 Nardò Concept (Tokyo Motor Show) [Premium] 2001

On the 20th anniversary of the date the Volkswagen W12 broke seven world speed records on the famed Nardò circuit in Italy

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Volkswagen W12 Nardo. It would be another three years before reasoning for the earlier prototypes' existence became clear. In 2001, Volkswagen announced it would attempt to set the 24-hour speed.

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28th February 2022 The Volkswagen W12 Nardo just celebrated its 20th anniversary to the day it broke seven world speed records at the Nardo Ring in Italy. It started life as a concept car.

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The W12 first saw the light of day in those years, first as a coupé in 1997, then as a roadster in 1998 and finally the Nardo version in 2001. The team started out with the company's Syncro all-wheel-drive technology and mated it to a naturally aspirated 5.6-liter naturally aspirated W12 engine capable of 414hp.

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VW Nardo W12 starting-up / high revs JEPhotography 474 subscribers Subscribe 579K views 12 years ago 1/3 existing Volkswagen Nardo's hit the streets yesterday in Düsseldorf until it was.

This LittleKnown Volkswagen Concept Inspired Bugatti's Most Iconic Car

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This LittleKnown Volkswagen Concept Inspired Bugatti's Most Iconic Car

In the late 90s, Volkswagen decided to flex its engineering muscle and prove to the entire automotive industry that they could build a supercar that could rival the best of them. This was subsequently proven at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show when VW unveiled the W12 Nardo to the entire world. The W12 Nardo was a testament to what Volkswagen could and would do with some of their other brands.

Twenty Years Ago, the Volkswagen W12 Nardo Broke Seven World Speed

Overview The only mass-production W12 engine is the Volkswagen 6.0 WR12 48v, a four-bank design which was released in 2001. This engine has been used in several models from the brands Audi, Bentley, and Volkswagen, and in 2003 a turbocharged version was released.

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Later on in life, the W12 became the 591bhp W12 Nardo, named after a record-breaking, 24-hour run at the eponymous Nardo Ring in Lecce, where the people's supercar covered more than 4,800.

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The W12 racer ran for 24 straight hours at the Nardo Ring at Lecce, averaging a speed of 200.6 mph. It broke 12 speed records in the process. Gallery: Volkswagen W12 Concept

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The Volkswagen W12 was a series of concept cars created by Volkswagen Passenger Cars in 1997. The cars have been portrayed in games, such as Gran Turismo, Asphalt 8, Asphalt 9, Project Gotham Racing 3, GTI Racing, World Racing 2 and the Test Drive series. The W12 Nardò also featured in a 2013 April Fools joke as the new Volkswagen LeVanto. [1]

The Volkswagen W12 Nardò Is The Supercar The World Never Got

2001 Volkswagen W12 Nardo Concept The story, the concept, the world record. The Italdesign Giugiaro study of the W12 Coupe, which is systematically oriented towards top performance and high levels of driving dynamics, is the third phase of evolution of two W12 concept cars becomes the fastest cars in the world.

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2001 VW Nardo W12 specs. Engine: 5998cc W12, DOHC, 48v. Power: 448kW @ 7000rpm. Torque: 620Nm @ 5800rpm. 0-100km/h: 3.5sec (claimed) Price new: Erm, POA. Dylan Campbell. Contributor. The Volkswagen W12 Nardo was a fully functioning concept that spawned Bugatti Veyron.

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This early concept's 5.6-liter naturally aspirated W12 motor developed 414 horsepower. It was only the beginning, though. Compared to what you may expect from a modern 12-cylinder, it's a little disappointing. However, Volkswagen corrected this gap in time. The Syncro was reborn as the W12 Roadster at the 1998 Geneva Motor Show.

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The Nardo's W12 had a 5.6-liter displacement and pumped out a respectable 414 horsepower. It was created by fusing two 2.8-liter narrow-angle VR6 blocks side by side and feeding both their.

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What engine is in Volkswagen W12 Nardo Coupe? The Volkswagen W12 Nardo Coupe has a W 12, Petrol engine with 5998 cm3 / 366 cu-in capacity. How many horsepower (hp) does a 1997 Volkswagen W12 Nardo Coupe have? The 1997 Volkswagen W12 Nardo Coupe has 598 PS / 590 bhp / 440 kW. How much does a Volkswagen W12 Nardo Coupe weighs?