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Free printable pdf of the trail map. Pro tip: Laminate this or place in a large zip lock for rainy day hiking. Official Government guide What do you need apart from bug spray? In this guide you will find some suggestions and resources that will help you prepare for the Juan de Fuca trail. Get It now More infoRMATION below

LangfordJuan de Fuca and EsquimaltMetchosin Under hustle and bustle

The Juan de Fuca Sombrio trailhead sign hints at the multiple camping areas on this beach. The East Sombrio Beach is the quieter zone, with open views of the sloping pebble crescent and less crowds. Distance: 26 km; Duration: 3 days; Route: CalTopo; Another nice weather window opened so it was time for Juan de Fuca Trail Part 2!

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The Juan de Fuca Trail is 47 km long, with an elevation gain of 1,451 m (4,760 feet), and generally takes 3 - 5 days to hike in its entirety. Juan de Fuca Trail is considered easier than the West Coast Trail, but that doesn't mean that it's "easy". Come prepared and act safely.

Strait of Juan de Fuca GRP Oil Spills 101

The Juan de Fuca Trail is a multi-day hike along the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is a challenging backpacking trip through the rainforest and across beaches. Along its 47 kilometre length you will experience lots of gorgeous scenery, old-growth trees, sandy beaches, and mud.

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The Juan de Fuca (JdF) Electoral Area encompasses the southwest coast of Vancouver Island from the community of Otter Point to Port Renfrew, and includes the geographically separate communities of East Sooke, Malahat and Willis Point. It also includes the Chatham and Discovery Islands, which lie off the east coast of Victoria, near Oak Bay.

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The Juan de Fuca sits on the southwestern coast of Vancouver Island, between Botanical Beach in Port Renfrew and China Beach, which is just up the coast from Sooke. The trail lies just south of the popular West Coast Trail and is often hiked as a more-accessible alternative.

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The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is approximately 42 kilometres of wilderness trekking along the rugged west coast of southern Vancouver Island, offering scenic beauty, spectacular hiking,.

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The Strait of Juan de Fuca (officially named Juan de Fuca Strait in Canada) [2] is a body of water about 96 miles (83 nmi; 154 km) long [3] that is the Salish Sea 's main outlet to the Pacific Ocean. The international boundary between Canada and the United States runs down the centre of the Strait.

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Juan de Fuca (10 June 1536, Cefalonia - 23 July 1602, Cefalonia) [1] [2] was a Greek pilot who served Philip II of Spain.

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There are four trailheads to the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail at Juan de Fuca East (China Beach), Sombrio Beach, Parkinson Creek and Botanical Beach. Day and multi-day hiking trips can begin at any of these trailheads, which also offer many day-use opportunities. Bear-proofing

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The Juan de Fuca Plate is a small tectonic plate ( microplate) generated from the Juan de Fuca Ridge that is subducting beneath the northerly portion of the western side of the North American Plate at the Cascadia subduction zone. [2] It is named after the explorer of the same name.

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Situated on the scenic Strait of Juan de Fuca on the west coast of southern Vancouver Island, French Beach Park offers much more than just beautiful hiking trails through lush forests. A wide swatch of green lawn fronts this sand and pebble beach, where visitors can relax and enjoy a picnic or take a cool dip in the ocean.

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The Juan de Fuca Trail covers 47 challenging kilometres along the coast of southwestern Vancouver Island. I hiked the trail in 2009 and 2021, so I put together a Juan de Fuca Trail itinerary to help you get prepared for your trip.

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Geography The Strait of Juan de Fuca with its characteristic foggy weather. In the background, the Olympic Mountains of Washington state, US can be seen. The Strait of Juan de Fuca is about 154 km in length and its width ranges from 19 to 40 km. The strait has an average depth of only 100 m.

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The Juan de Fuca Marine Trail is designed as a wilderness hiking trail. Hiking conditions are always changing and hikers should get up-to-date information before hiking. Additional advisories may be posted at the trailhead information shelters. Your fitness, knowledge, skills, and equipment must meet the challenges of the area.