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Another key factor in judging is the color of the betta. Dragon scale bettas come in a wide range of colors, including red, blue, yellow, and even metallic shades. The judges evaluate the intensity and vibrancy of the color, as well as the presence of any desirable color patterns or markings. Additionally, the judges consider the finnage of the.

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1977 Bettas or Siamese Fighting fish are beautiful creatures that come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and tail types. It's little wonder that these gorgeous fish have such an enthusiastic following worldwide! So, which type of betta is best? How do I identify my betta fish? And which betta is the most expensive?

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The Betta splendens, known as the Dragon Scale Betta, originated in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. This variety of betta was not found naturally. It is a result of cross breeding domesticated species with wild strains from the family, such as Betta mahachai back in 2004.

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Breeding Red Dragon Betta Fish can be challenging and requires close attention to water quality and temperature. The male creates a bubble nest at the water's surface, and the female lays eggs. After spawning, removing the male from the tank is crucial as he may become aggressive towards the female or the eggs. The eggs typically hatch within.

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August 25, 2021 Robert The dragon scale betta is a popular species of freshwater tropical fish. There are over 70 varieties of betta fish. Many of them have been created through cross-breeding. Some have even been genetically modified to create a specific look or characteristic. The betta is also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish.

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What is the Dragon Scale? The dragon betta is a morph of the typical betta fish or Betta Splendens. It is also known as a dragon scale betta. Turns out, the dragon scale variety is relatively new. Think about it: bettas are extremely popular aquarium fish. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that new morphs are coming out all the time.

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Dragon scale bettas are not picky when it comes to substrate, so you can choose whatever you like. Some popular options include gravel, sand, and marbles. Step 5: Decorate your tank with live plants. Dragon scale bettas love to hide among the plants, which is a great way to make them feel more comfortable in their new home.

Red dragon plakat cirebon Betta Fish Types, Fish Varieties, Siamese

Dragon scale bettas grow just as big as other Betta splendens breeds and can reach a mature size of about 2-3 inches (5.1-7.6 cm).They also share the same aggressive temperaments as less ornate bettas and typically do best in an aquarium by themselves; this aquarium should be at least 5 gallons (18.9 L), heated with adequate filtration, and preferably planted with live plants.

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Leopard Aquatic J116ABetta Red Dragon is one of the variants of the Plakat Betta. It will show white colored body with red fins and tail. Each individual wil.

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These gorgeous fish sport scales with a metallic color, akin to the scales on a dragon, with darker edges lining the scales and accentuating them with a depth and prominence not typical to many fish. You'll commonly find Dragon Scale Bettas with copper metallic "dragon scales", though the color variations and fin-type are plentiful.


By Kristin Hitchcock Updated on Jul 11, 2023 Share Bettas are popular fish, and the Dragon Scale variety is likely one of the most popular variants. These adorable fish have translucent-like scales, eye-catching coloratio n, and flowing tails that set them apart from other Betta fish varieties.

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Explore the enchanting world of dragon scale bettas with me! Let's delve into their care, traits, and breathtaking beauty together. Join the journey!

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Dragon Scaling: Betta fish with dragon scaling will have prominent scales that will have a shiny, metallic coloration with darker edges. Dragon scales allow the color from the skin layer to come through but increase the saturation and brightness of it.. While a fully red Betta fish is desired by everyone, many Betta fish have some splotches.

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The Dragon Scale Betta, often simply referred to as the dragon breed, is a relatively recent addition to the osphronemidae family. These fish are known for their pronounced scales and frequently metallic hues. Keep reading to learn all about the Dragon Scale Betta and the care required to maintain one healthily in your own freshwater aquarium.

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1. Albino Betta Image Credit: surachet khamsuk, Shutterstock Without a doubt, the rarest betta fish is the albino. As with albinos in other animal species, the albino betta fish has no pigmentation at all, they are totally white, and have eyes that have a pink or reddish tinge.