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2 5 Do me a favor. I just want to hear you say. that you'll come back. You'll come back. to me. — Riven, revealing his true feelings to Musa Rivusa is the het ship between Musa and Riven from the Winx Club fandom. Contents 1 Canon

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Riven and Musa barely had one short mini-scene in the entire season. However, in Fate: The Winx Saga season 1, no character quite fits into what should have happened with Rivusa, except maybe.

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Riven is the stubborn maverick of the group and is Musa's love interest. His first appearance was in A Fairy in Gardenia. Riven tends to be a bit of a lone wolf. He is extremely competitive and can be attached to jealousy, and has an aptitude for sports and physical combat. He has short spiked magenta hair and violet eyes. Riven often puts up a cold front, and has trouble expressing his.

Musa and Riven my favs, Riven better come back I can't stand Musa with a new guy just like they

Musa and Riven are a couple featured in Winx Club. As one of, if not, the most tumultuous relationship formed within the main cast, the pair naturally dealt with more than their fair share of issues, resulting in them having experienced the most breakups.

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Riven's possessive behavior, the way he constantly lashes out at people without hearing them out, and the fact that he's just so insensitive of others' feelings in general while being self-aware of that, is not normal. We rarely get to see purely positive interactions between these two that could make us root for their relationship.

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This is the full english version of the song Riven and Musa sing together in the 23rd episode of the 5th season of Winx Club: One to One. As far as I know, u.

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Guess who binged Season 2 of Fate today? Yes, me!I have always been a Rivusa shipper, so I naturally had to do a video about them asap. Show: Fate the Winx S.

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ALL MUSA & RIVEN MOMENTS | FATE: THE WINX SAGA - SEASON 2 - YouTube #WinxClub #Winx #КлубВинкс #Винкс ☄ SUBSCRIBE to join our Magix Journey:.

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Riven is a bad boy tsundere and we would like to see him being nice to musa and stay that way, but no, the writers made musa and Riven's relationship good at the end of the season and they kept bringing his bad attitude every start of a new season that eventually they had to stop it by breaking them up and riven leaving the specialists.

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Established Relationship. Chapter 1: After having a huge fight the morning of Eraklyon's millennium ball, Musa and Riven take a moment to talk. Chapter 2: Musa convinces Riven to dance with her at Stella's princess ball. Come find me on tumblr @imhereforMR. Part 29 of More Beautiful Than The Stars.

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83K 6.3M views 5 years ago The most difficult couple in the Winx Club history, with the most ups and downs till the final breakup. Enjoy Musa and Riven's best (and worst) love moments from.

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Musa goes with Sky, Riven, and Silva to save Beatrix in Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2. They are successful in retrieving Beatrix, however, Musa isn't so lucky. Musa got attacked by a scraper and.

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Musa is one of the main characters from Fate: The Winx Saga. She is portrayed by Elisha Applebaum. She is a mind fairy attending Alfea who often wears headphones to block other people's emotions. A year before the start of the series, Musa's mom died, and she picked up everything her mother was feeling in those final moments. The experience of losing someone that she cared about (and having to.

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