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When writing a reference letter, be sure to explain how you know the student, and describe some of the qualities that make him or her a good candidate for the job or school. Use specific examples to demonstrate how the person has shown those qualities. Focus on the specific job or school the person is applying for.

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Close the student recommendation letter like a formal letter closing, i.e., with your name and title printed and your signature under your typed name. For example: Signature Your name. Note: When sending an email, close the recommendation letter with only your name and contact information. For example: Your name Phone Email address

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1. Ask the student for academic information First, ask the student for a list of academic achievements, extracurricular activities and their grade point average (GPA). Also, ask for information about their desired program, university or job.

Free Student Letter Template with Samples PDF Word eForms

Offer specific examples of skills or qualifications that match the role. Anecdote or example: Include a personal anecdote about what it's like to work with the candidate. Include any workplace or people skills you've observed them to possess. Closing: Give an overview of why you'd recommend this person.

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A letter of reference, sometimes called a reference letter or recommendation letter, is a document that someone writes on behalf of another person by highlighting their best qualities and work ethic. This document can give a student a better chance at securing a new career or academic opportunity.

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Letters of reference should include your name and contact information, an explanation of the context in which you know the student, and an evaluation of their specific skills and potential for success in their new endeavor (be it continuing education or a new job). Ideally, it should also provide a hearty endorsement of their candidacy.

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A referral letter, or letter of recommendation, is often required with job or school applications. It's a document written by someone who has a relationship with the applicant, and who can attest to the skills and characteristics that make them a great choice for a professional position or an academic institution.

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Letters of Recommendation As an English teacher and college counselor working with high school students, I've had the privilege and responsibility of writing letters of recommendation. Starting out, I had a strong urge to help, but no clear sense of what exactly should go into a reference letter.

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1. Student's Strengths When writing a recommendation letter for a student, focus on their strengths. This is your chance to highlight what sets them apart from other applicants. Describe their academic prowess, passion for their chosen field, or how they excel in extracurricular activities.

Free Letter for Student Format Sample & Example

Sample Letter #1: Sara the Poet Dear Admissions Committee, I had the pleasure of teaching Sara in her 11th grade honors English class at Mark Twain High School.

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You are providing a reference for the student based on your experience with the student and their demonstrated results and accomplishments, skills, and strengths. You may not be intimately familiar with the student's grades and achievements.

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Conclusion. The conclusion should summarize the letter and tie everything together, Jones says. This example, written from the perspective of a school counselor for the same fictitious student.

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Sample recommendation letter for scholarships (text format) 3. Graduate school letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation for graduate school are taken very seriously and generally should only be written by a professor who can describe a student's capabilities and academic works in great detail.

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They use powerful words, give a high ranking, avoid cliches, and tell specific stories to prove their characterization of a student. A good recommendation speaks to a student's past achievements and indicates confidence in her future success. Let's look more in depth at how to accomplish each of these things.

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Reference letters can be required for many different reasons: Companies sometimes ask for reference letters for candidates under consideration. Schools often require a reference as part of an application Certain professional organizations may require a reference, as well as lenders, landlords, or coop or condo boards. Types of Reference Letters

Free Letter for Student Format Sample & Example

The student recommendation letter is a reference, usually by a former teacher, of a student's work ethic, personality, and how they interact with other people. A recommendation should be provided by the teacher for any individual applying to college, graduate school, an MBA, or any position where a former teacher's acknowledgment would be helpful.