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Begin your diamond search . Three-Stone Engagement Rings Three-stone engagement rings, also known as trilogy or past-present-future rings, symbolize the past, present, and future of a couple's relationship. These rings typically feature a larger center stone flanked by two smaller stones, creating a striking and meaningful design.

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The passion and fire of a princess cut diamond engagement ring. Brilliant and aristocratic - the radiant cut diamond engagement ring. Pick the perfect pear, with our guide to picking a pear shaped diamond. Discover how to choose the right marquise shape diamond. Baguette diamonds add sparkle and carat weight to diamond engagement ring designs.

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Solitaire ring setting The solitaire ring setting allows the centre diamond or gemstone to take centre stage without any distractions. The most iconic engagement ring setting, the solitaire is usually the first style that comes to mind when you envisage an engagement ring.

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Not sure if you want a lab grown diamond or natural diamond? We will show you both! For the same look and DNA get ready to spend 30-60% less than the natural equivalent.

Ring Terminology Guide Engagement Ring Styles

Solitaire - A single stone. Still the most popular choice when it comes to buying engagement rings. The head secures the diamond. Prongs allow the diamond to catch the most light. A four-prong-setting shows more of the diamond, but a six-prong setting is often more secure. Sidestone - Diamonds or other gemstones, flank the main stone for.

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1- Prong Setting / Solitaire Prong settings are most people's go to choice when it comes to their engagement ring. It consists of one solitary centerstone held in place by metal pins of the prong. For sharp edges, v-shaped prongs are often utilized, to protect the stone from chipping and breaking.

Ring Terminology Guide Engagement Ring Styles

Tension Setting. The Tension Setting is a modern take on the solitaire engagement ring styles. It is called a 'Tension' setting as the center diamond is held in place by the tension of the wedding band. The diamond looks as if it is suspended in between the metal band, creating a contemporary feel and look.

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1. Solitaire A solitaire is the most classic and traditional engagement ring style. The name solitaire comes from there only being one stone in the design. A solitaire diamond is often mounted on a simple band with a prong or claw setting to show off its beauty. If you have a simple and elegant style, the solitaire is an excellent choice for you.

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A solitaire engagement ring is a classic and timeless style. It features a single diamond in the center, usually set in a prong setting. Prongs settings typically have 4 or 6 prongs around the main diamond. This style is perfect for those looking for a traditional, classic engagement ring.

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Buying Guide Styles Engagement Ring Styles From distinctive trends to classic designs, explore our guide to diamond engagement ring settings that are handcrafted with recycled precious metals and set with Beyond Conflict Free™ Diamonds. Shop Engagement Rings Popular Engagement Ring Styles Halo

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Cultural Significance In my examination of the topic, I've found that engagement rings have been emblematic of various cultural meanings across history. These rings represent a formal agreement to future marriage, with the ring's endless circle often seen as a symbol of eternity and the eternal nature of love.

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Rings Engagement Rings Part of The Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide 10 Engagement Ring Settings and Styles to Consider By Nicole Kliest Updated on 04/01/22 10:24AM PHOTO BY MOLLY PEACH.

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Prong Setting The most common type of engagement ring setting, the prong setting features slim metal arms that securely cradle the diamond at the girdle. Each prong is carefully tapered and angled against the diamond's bezel facets.

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The 4Cs of Buying a Diamond This chart briefly discusses the 4Cs that affect a diamond's quality. These 4Cs are cut, color, clarity, and carat. Finding Out a Ring Size

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Timeless round cut halo ring setting style in rose gold Some examples of popular styles and settings are: Settings: Prong Setting: This involves metal claws (prongs) that hold the diamond in place. The number of prongs can vary, but four and six are most common.

Choosing the Perfect Ring Ring Settings Engagement ring style guide, Future engagement rings

A Beginners Guide to Engagement Ring Styles Finding your dream ring doesn't have to be hard. Learn all about engagement ring styles and shop from the comfort of home. Harper No. 2 with a 1/2 pavé band and a hidden halo