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The etymology of the "Lurcher" has been translated as interesting descriptions such as "thief mixed dog", "lurker", and even "petty swindler" but this has more to do with their past duties of hunting to feed their poor, peasant masters than their actual personality. This mixed breed is actually very people-loving, friendly, loyal, affectionate.

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Average weight: Males 27 - 32 kg Females 27 - 32 kg. Lurchers come in all sizes depending on how they have been bred. Some dogs with Irish Wolfhound in their lineage can be quite large whereas others with the Whippet as one of their parent breeds can be quite a bit smaller.

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The lurcher breed has a controversial background historically. Around the late 1300s in Great Britain, it was illegal for anyone from the lower classes to own a greyhound or even a mixed breed like a lurcher. The name lurcher is a derivative from the Romany word lur which refers to a thief. The name "lurcher' is therefore for these dogs.

Lurcher Breed Info, Temperament, Puppies, Care, Training, Pictures

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The Lurcher is a particularly unique breed of dog because its appearance can be greatly varied depending on breeding. Technically, a Lurcher is a cross between a sighthound and any non-sighthound breed, but it often takes the appearance of a Greyhound or Saluki. These dogs are intelligent and hardy, ideal for hunting applications.

Lurcher Breed Info, Temperament, Puppies, Care, Training, Pictures

Lurchers aren't a breed cross but a type of cross, a blend of sighthound and working dog. Lurchers come in several sizes, but one basic shape. Defined by their ability to give chase, Lurchers are generally slender, bony dogs with deep chests and long legs. They have a long and storied history in their native England.

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The Lurcher is recognized as a mix of various breeds. Typically, the Lurcher dog breed is a combination of a sighthound breed such as the Greyhound and another type of working dog breed. As a result, a Lurcher is a winning combination of brains and speed. Due to the variation in combinations, the Lurcher's size and appearance differ from dog.

Lurcher Dog Breed » Everything About Lurchers

Lurchers are usually a mixture of sighthound and pastoral and/or terrier type breeds. Lurchers can be a straight cross between a pastoral breed and terrier breed, or be a 'multi-breed' cross - so a mixture of several of these breeds. It is more usual that a Lurcher is a multi-breed cross than a first-cross. The only truly common factor.

Lurcher Dog Information Center A Guide To A Clever, Speedy Mix Breed

The Lurcher began as a dog associated with Gypsies and poachers in England in the early 18th century. The dog's name comes from the Romany word lur, meaning "thief" or "bandit.". The.

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Lurcher Overview. This dog breed is a cross between the Sheepdog crossed with the Greyhound or Terrier, Collie. They're a hunting dog breed but also considered as a suitable family pet. They're very affectionate and require a loving home environment in which they can excel and feel safe. They've very playful by nature and love to socialise.

Lurcher Breed Info, Temperament, Puppies, Care, Training, Pictures

A lurcher is a cross, generally between a sighthound and a working dog breed. Generally, the aim of the cross is to produce a sighthound with more intelligence, a canny animal suitable for poaching rabbits, hares, and game birds. Over time, poachers and hunters discovered that the crossing of certain breeds with sighthounds produced a dog.

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Dog Breeds Lurcher Lurcher Breed Profile. 1ea31c61-eb9b-4b03-a569-944b6543ac2d KC Group Non KC. Size. so it's the owner's responsibility to deflect rude or boisterous dogs before a Lurcher bolts, as they can go a long way very quickly and possibly run into danger. A Lurcher with terrier in him may stand his ground, and it's a foolish.

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As a crossbreed dog, the Lurcher has the combined traits of a sighthound and other non-sighthound breed, dependent on the characteristics preferred by the breeder. Although a terrier or pastoral dog mix is common, collie crosses are preferred by the hunters or poachers because mating a sighthound with a sheepdog produces a dog with great intelligence and agility.

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The Lurcher dog breed originated in Ireland and other parts of Great Britain. He is a mixed breed that was created by crossing Sighthounds and non-Sighthounds, which are commonly herding breeds such as Collies or Terriers. The Lurcher dog is prized as a skilled working dog that is made to hunt game birds, deer, and rabbits.

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Temperament. A Lurcher is a fun-loving, affectionate, lovable dog that thrives on the leadership of his master.These dogs were bred to hunt rabbit and hare in Ireland and Great Britain by Irish gypsies and tinkers in the 1600s. They have inherited fast, agile movements from the sighthound crosses in them.

Lurcher Breed Info, Temperament, Puppies, Care, Training, Pictures

A Lurcher is not a breed of dog but is a type of hound that results from cross breeding a Sighthound with another type of working dog such as a Collie or Terrier. The Lurcher is unique to Ireland and Britain and has been with us a very long time. The development of the Lurcher as a 'type' of hound is thought to originate from the time when.