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What do you get when you mix shades of brown, red, and a dash of violet? A deep, dark, dazzling shade of cherry cola hair color that's utterly delicious! Winter, spring, summer or fall - this shade is never going out of season. Give these five formulas a try, and watch your clients fall in love with this gorgeous pop of color.

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The cherry Coke hair colour trend, also referred to as "black cherry hair," is a deep brown-on-black shade with red, burgundy, or violet undertones, i.e., a shade very similar to the cherry Coca-Cola. It is a very reddish-maroon that is very brunette but also belongs to the red hair colour family.

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Cherry Coke is a dark shade of red, usually not too bright, though it can vary from red with a bit of brown, according to Hair Cuttery regional training artist and master colorist Jose Rojas. Good news: it's customizable. "Add more red if you want to intensify it or add brown to the color to tone down the red," Rojas said.

My fall hair. Dark brown with hints of “cherry coke” highlights. Fall is my absolute favorite. 😍

What You Need These are the basic supplies you will need to create the cherry cola hair color easily at home. Always do a patch test first before applying any dye to your whole head. How to Mix the Dye Follow these simple steps to mix up the perfect cherry coke hair dye: Start by pouring the red semi-permanent hair dye into a plastic bowl.

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The "Cherry Coke" hair-colour trend has grown in popularity in recent months. The shade has started to gain attention on TikTok. It works especially well on dark brown hair but requires.


The cherry cola color is the perfect option if you wish to make your hair stand out! With its unique shade, it will surely make you the darling of the crowd. If you have green or hazel eyes or peach- or golden-colored skin tones, opt for this vibrant copper-like cherry cola shade and you'll never go wrong. 2. Pixie Hair

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What Is Cherry Cola Hair? According to Shvonne Perkins, professional hair colorist and manager of training and education at Madison Reed, "A cherry-cola look has mahogany tones that sit between red and violet. It is a more sangria, violet-infused brunette that is less muted, less ash.

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The Cherry Coke hair color has taken TikTok by storm. Learn all about the cherry cola hair color trend and see some hues for inspiration!

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What is Cherry Cola Hair color? This shade is mostly cool shade of red with a touch of brown, burgundy and purple pigments that add that extra depth and dimension not found in most red hair shades. Some hair stylists describe cherry cola hair color as a delicious blend of rosy red and rich brown. Yet some say it is the same as cherry coke.

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1. Cherry Cola Asymmetrical Bob SheaMoisture SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Shampoo SheaMoisture SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Conditioner 2. Cherry Cola Highlights 3. Long Cherry Cola Hair Color Ponytail 4. Cherry Cola Pageboy 5. Cherry Cola Roots 6. Tousled Cherry Cola Hair Dove

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Cherry cola hair color is a chocolatey brown base hue with deep, reddish-burgundy overtones. "To me, cherry cola is when brunette hair catches the sunlight [and] it just has that little hint of red," adds Robbins. The color first caught on in the '90s and has re-emerged like all the great nostalgic hair trends from the era.

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Judging by our FYP on TikTok, we're seeing another red hair colour trend revival and this time around, it's in the form of cherry coke hair—and isn't going anywhere anytime soon, with #cherrycokehair amassing 18.7 million views and counting on the app. Red hair made its way back around again last year with several celebrities and influencers.

purplish burgundy hair Cherry coke hair color love. Deep Purple Hair, Hair Color Purple, Hair

The 'Cherry Coke' Red Hair Trend That TikTok Is Loving For Spring 2023 Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock By Jahaira Arthur / Feb. 12, 2023 3:26 pm EST Coca-Cola is synonymous with its vibrant red can. Just like Marilyn Monroe can't escape her signature red lip. It is a color that dominates every industry.

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Step 1: Make sure your hair is Pre-lightened or Bleached to a level 7 base for Cherry Coke: Semi-Permanent hair color. Step 2: Section your hair as needed. Take a generous amount of the Hair Color on your brush and apply it on your hair. Step 3: Now you need to wait for 30-60 minutes, and rinse it off with conditioner and water.

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