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Mullets are back, baby, and they're everywhere. On runways, red carpets and in magazine spreads. On the AFL field, they're dime a dozen, ranging from shorter styles to Bailey Smith's Warwick Capper-esque bleach blonde mane. And it's not just celebrities. They're as plentiful in inner-city hipster dives as they are in outer-suburban pubs.

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As for regrets, Agassi has at least one: his signature late '80s/early '90s mullet. Advertisement "The truth is that if I found a picture of myself like that, I'd probably burn it," he said. A.

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June 11, 2018 11:33 AM EDT For Andre Agassi, playing tennis was just a warmup. The former star, who played professionally for 20 years and spent 101 weeks as number one in the world, says his.

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Wolf names one of his tennis idols as the great American Andre Agassi. The 22-year-old does bear a striking resemblance to Agassi, admitting that his mullet style is a tribute to him. Wolf has even shared photos on his Instagram account. These also show the resemblance to Agassi. The former World #1 often sported a great mullet himself.

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Andre Agassi mullet hair became both a trademark look and a security blanket according to information presented in his recent autobiography. It seems that the long spiked hair worn during the late 80s was a wig or a weave.

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The Mullet At his highest level in professional tennis, Agassi wore a blonde mullet wig while playing in the finals of the French Open. He says he had to use about 20 clips to keep it in place, and that he pretty much lost the match because of it. During every point, he had visions of the wig flying off his head and into the sand.

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Andre Agassi was on The Late Show last night promoting his new autobiography, Open. We've already heard the major revelation of the book - that Agassi used crystal meth in 1997 and lied to tennis officials to get around a failed drug test. Agassi discussed another bombshell on Letterman and revealed that his famous long mullet locks were replaced by a wig or "weave system" once his.

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Andre Agassi grooming his mullet (Stratton Mountain, August 1986) from tennis Trending 'Sorry'- Serena Williams' Husband Alexis Ohanian Turns Apologetic as Newborn Daughter Adira Misses Out on a Special Family Session November 15, 2023 10:50 am EDT ATP Finals 2023: Andrey Rublev vs Alexander Zverev; Preview, Head-to-Head, and Prediction

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The Losing To Win Mindset Andre realized that his hang-up with hair wasn't his redemption- it was the chain bringing him down. By losing the weight of his insecurities, he became a real winner. He was finally losing to win. He learned that baldness isn't a real flaw.

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The most famous mullets of the era are the more extreme strain, belonging to stars like Billy Ray Cyrus, John Stamos, Rod Stewart and Andre Agassi - but let's not forget that heartthrobs like Brad.

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JJ Wolf channels his inner Andre Agassi with mullet. Jeffrey John "JJ" Wolf is the No. 2-ranked college player in the country, but his hair is currently ranked No.1. Surprisingly, it's not because.

Andre Agassi Mullet Haircut, Mullet Hairstyle, Mohawk Mullet, Sports Football, Sports Stars

191. 1. Tennis Sports Professional sport. 30 comments. Best. A sixteen year-old Andre Agassi, pictured during the Volvo International at Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont. It was his second professional tournament. He would go on to win the event in 1988, by which time he was already abusing his head with performance-enhancing hairpieces. 57.

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In his 2010 autobiography Open, Agassi admitted that he had lost his natural hair at an early age and the mullet we all knew and loved was a hairpiece, worn despite his increasing fear that it would fall off during a match.

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July 5, 2023 The story of Andre Agassi's hairpiece has become a fascinating topic for many. Here, we will delve into the truth behind Agassi's iconic hairstyle and reveal the surprising secrets he hid beneath those luscious locks.

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The tennis champion's impressive mullet was almost as famous as his domination on the tennis court in the '80s. J. Vespa // Getty Images Scarlett Johansson It seemed like the mullet was maybe.

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Grand Slams Career Timeline From the Collection Biography In the late 1980s, when tennis was looking for a revival and needed a shot of adrenaline to revive its energy and excitement, along came Andre Agassi. He was more than accommodating.